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    0 What do you mean by Plant maintenance

    Plant Maintenance  typically refer to repairs  and inspection of various machines or buildings so there are no problems that might halt production or use. A customised software for maintenance management can be used to manage a range of details relating to ongoing maintenance and equipment breakdowns.

    The customised software  can

    • Be combination of specific maintenance tasks with safety and environmental laws, as well as any inspection and equipment repair protocols implemented by the busin...

    0 CRM systems for a changing world

    As evolution of technology defines  the way in which we work and connect with customers.

    Advanced systems  see CRM functionality being  developed by including remote working and artificial intelligence. Cloud-based CRM systems excel here as they can be updated as per the new technology

    The Salesfundaa (CRM) system helps manage customer data. It  supports sales management and facilitates team communication.    The Salesfundaa CRM system is used by businesses to keep customer contact details up ...

    0 Salesfundaa HR & Payroll Management

    Salesfundaa HR & Payroll Management is the most reliable module, which provides solution for managing all the Employee related management requirements and data of an organization. Since Human resource is an important strength to an organization, it benefits the organization by effectively handling the workforce automating the system so as to  smoothly carrying out the payroll procedure. It is essentially helpful in keeping a track on the employee's performance and recording accurate employee det...

    0 HR and payroll management software and its significance to the SME business

    Salesfundaa HR and payroll management software  and its significance to the SME  business

    Salesfundaa HR and payroll management software is an all-in-one cloud based HR software which takes care of all the HR operations and payroll related modules such as attendance, leave, performance and statutory compliance. It generates all the reports automatically on a monthly basis. It is a software which covers cloud featured advantages such as security, disaster recovery and many more.

    Why switch to c...

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