8 Reasons why you need to Upgrade to a CRM system.

·         Do you understand the value of tracking your metrics and sales data?

·         Do you think sales and marketing should work together?

·         Do you want to close more deals and faster?

·         Can you create a quote in a less than a minute?

·         Are you having too many files to refer to while creating your quote?

·         Are you spending time making a Performa Invoice?

·         Can you make  Tax invoice at the click of a button?

         CRM software are a solution to all the above.   It’s a one-stop shop where your entire company stays on top of the customer journey, and all of these features are fully mobile supported because of the cloud.  

        The more you know about your prospects and customers, the more effective your communications with them will be. Hold your entire customer database in one place,  plan calls and meetings and record the outcome

        A CRM platform helps  you keep your team  stay organized, updated, and prepared to do all that and more.   


       Advanced invoicing software solutions  are also coming up with reliable accounting mechanisms to close the gaps Excel left behind. A reliable invoicing module can  make  bills and receipts at  half of the usual time,  as well as  account for taxation, calculate fees, track payments, and please clients with direct payment options.  In an even better scenario,  it will manage expenses, inventories, and customer relationships.

     Throw away that address book, diary and drawer of business cards.



      Customer relationship management (CRM)software when powered by invoicing and quotation sending facility at a click at a button increases  chances of qualifying a lead.   Most SME’s can grow at a faster rate simply by installing this time saving and speedy  mechanism and have an added advantage over competition. 

     When  SME’s  use business management software correctly they can accurately track and organize  potential customer that they are in contact with.  CRM is not  just a way of storing customer contact details and purchase information but  it is a way of restructuring the internal workings of a business to increase productivity and lower costs at the same time.    Below you’ll find some benefits of CRM solutions.

      Using a CRM system consolidates all separate solutions( that you may have to do manually ) to track your customers activities .  An opportunity, a quotation, a sales order, and an invoice mostly have  common data that can be reused in the sales process.  The shared data could mean any  user information, product price and discounts,  freight amount,  total costs  and tax.    You can rid yourself of extra  time spent on double entries across multiple spreadsheets or contact systems, and you set the stage for greater automation.   Inefficient practices can be avoided.     In a CRM Customer details have an easy access.  This decreases the time spent on searching for customer information on various databases.   Customer relationship software allows  you to store  all customer details  in the same place which can then be accessed by anyone within the business  who have been assigned rights .  Even if you lose employees  you’ll always have access to up-to-date customer information that is the  advantage of having a single centralized CRM in place.   You can be sure to  have the information at the click of a button to close a  sales  lead, regardless of employee turnover or lost data.

        Invoicing and quoting is more streamlined.    Now you can create quotes and invoices for a customer  within minutes  and rid yourself of piles of  overlooked quotes  and  unsent invoices.   Many businesses   lose a  prospective  deal  by failing to send out quotes on time and leaving invoices  languishing in filing cabinets.   With a CRM ,  you can have hassle free  automation of all paperwork and invoicing,  without any delay.

      CRM software lets you track the progress of all employees and their schedules, you’ll always know which leads they’re working,  how  much they’re closing,  and be able to make changes  based on performance immediately.

         A CRM software  enables  you  to create a better customer experience. Your CRM software will allow you to view all notes   taken on customers,  so  you can better serve them,  and also have a consolidated knowledge base of past service issues to help solve future problems  on time.

        It   gives a professional image to your business. All businesses want their customers to regard them as  professionals  and  it can be the little things such as knowing what your customers usually buy that will help to project this image.   Sales strategies  involve  cross-selling  or up-selling  any additional services/products that you offer to gain additional value.     But this can be possible only after quick and effective evaluation.

       Marketing gets a boost  by CRM as it can help to create more successful targeted marketing campaigns by looking back on customer purchasing trends. The advantage of viewing purchasing trends is that you can correlate  campaigns  to  actual sales performance. This additional knowledge lets you understand how your customers  think and what campaigns drive the desired actions.

       Automating billing and bookkeeping operations is one of the hottest trends in current software business   due to CRM software intergrated modules.    By using one CRM software package to complete all daily tasks a business  will save thousands of hours each year, hours which can be focused on your overall business strategy.  It no longer matters  whether you’re coming from  small or medium enterprise - - hassle-free transactions are your future.

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Friday 16 February 2018