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What Is CRM Software?

The abbreviation of CRM is Customer Relationship Management which can be understood as software that lets your business build an impeccable relation with your customers in such a way that there is a meagre need of human efforts. At SalesFundaa, we present to you some unbeatable software that is designed to handle the customer relations at every stage, whether it is pre-sales, post-sales or during the sales.

The technical department of our team runs behind perfection and doesn’t leave a stone unturned in making the clients happy with the performance of software we provide. Talking about the diverse modules of CRM software created by SalesFundaa, we have avant garde system to take care of the customers’ needs.

Module of SalesFundaa CRM software

The Pre sales services of the software include:

Pre Sales

•             Lead – Creating leads is one of the major tasks that a business has in order to get more clients and customers. Doing it manually might be tiring and lengthy process and that can be made smoother and shorter with this software. 

•             Enquiry – Making enquiries with the customers-to-be is pivotal and a step that cannot be missed if the business wishes to flourish in a limited period. The CRM software we offer is dedicated to make enquiries and solving the ones asked by customers as well.

•             Follow up – The clients that are working with you for the first time need to feel more secure and concerned for. The follow-up processed by the software will keep them updated with the features and benefits of joining hands with your business.

•             Communication History – Keeping a track of mail and call records between the customer and the supervisor is an essential part of business and also customer relationship management. Our software will take care of recording all the history of communication in a better and apprehensive form.

•             Reminder – Human mind is stuffed with so much of information that many times important dates are missed and such irresponsibility could lead to loss of customers. CRM software serves the purpose of a reminder as well, so that your business doesn’t lose any golden opportunity.

•             Quotation – The CRM software introduced by SalesFundaa will produce a quotation for the customers as per your business standards and give it to the clients, so that the pricing shall be transparent.

•             Sales Order – The sales order come in a better and direct way through the use of this CRM software and is passed directly to the business to be fulfilled.

•             Bulk Email – In case you need to send same email to multiple clients with no or minimal changes, the CRM software will come extremely handy to you.

•             Bulk SMS – Transferring same message to multiple people at a time can be made easy with the installation of CRM software.

The list of features doesn’t end up till here. The CRM software provided by us to our clients comes with a set of after sales characteristics as well such as:

After Sales

•             Pro forma Invoice – A preliminary bill needs to be sent to the receiver of the items before the date of delivery to know the actual charges and all the details regarding price or taxes. The software we build reduces the stress of making a pro forma invoice. 

•             Tax Invoice – This invoice serves the main evidence for the purpose of claiming input tax credit of goods and service. With our CRM software, one can be free of the worries of making these invoices and sending it to the receivers.

•             Sales Order – Depending upon the nature of the business, a sales order can be made for services or products. The sales order shall contain the services/products offered and then, it shall be passed onto the customer and the CRM software we provide does that in a simplified manner without any errors.

•             Delivery Challan - A document which contains the information regarding the items shipped, and other details like delivery address and the quantity of the goods is said to be delivery challan. Using our software will help businesses in having a readymade delivery challan with every important piece of information printed upon it.


After Sales - Service

With all these services that this system provides to the customers of the user, it has a handful of features that are beneficial to the exact user that is the businessman who is making the use o this software. We have enlisted some of the attractive features and benefits of using our company-made software.

•             Contract – The written contract is made at the time you purchase the software from us and we make sure that it has all the trendy and useful features enlisted within it so that you don’t have to face in trouble later on. The contract is unique and kept private between you and us.

•             Maintenance – The maintenance of the software is not a costly affair and can be done by spending a minimal cost and anytime you want it to be. The software runs smoothly throughout, but in case of updates, it is a plausible option to get it updates to enjoy the recent features. 

•             Warranty – Every service that we provide has a warranty period. If the software behaves abnormally within that period, we take full initiative to repair the problem and make it flawless without charging the customers even a single penny. However, if the period gets missed, we will surely remove the bugs, but with a considerable cost.

•             Installation – The installation of the software within your systems will be done by our technical experts. In case there is some issue, and the updated version or corrected version needs to be installed in place of the one that is previously installed, then also our team will be there to help in the installation process.

•             Preventive Maintenance – Every software needs some preventive maintenance so that it may work without causing any troubles with the working. For that to happen, the user needs to take some preventive measures from time to time and our help will assist the users in the step.

•             ComplaintSalesFundaa is extremely cautious about the relationship with the clients and doesn’t leave any complaint unattended. Solving the customers’ complaint is our priority and we perform it with utmost sincerity.

•             FAQ- There are multiple questions that are frequently asked from us regarding our services and within this website, you will find its respective answers. In case your doubts are not solved and you wish to seek the answers, our team is available over calls and emails.

•             Renewal – From time to time, the technology becomes advance. In order to stay ahead of the competing businesses, the company needs to renew the software after a while. Our team will be leading you to get your software updated whenever you want with the latest model.

If you are convinced with the merits of installing this software, you shall know how would it be helpful for your business at different stages of managing customer relations with your company.

Stage 1 – Purchase

•             Purchase Order – A purchase order consists of the number and name of products that is to be sent to the buyer and it can be made simply through the CRM software we offer.

•             Purchase Bill – The buyer of the products owns the right to hold a purchase bill with all the product details along with its quantity and taxes. The CRM software does that for you in a jiffy. 

•             Reorder Level Alerts – Some people demand a constant supply of some products after a specific period of time and rather than going to different suppliers, they prefer getting all the products from one place. The notifications alerts of reorder level will help your business in arranging all the items before the deadline so that your customers never return dissatisfied from your services.

Stage 2 – Store

•             Inventory Inward (GRN) – At the time of storage, there are different receipts that are required such as inventory inward. SalesFundaa has built this software in such a way that it creates an inventory inward for the sales without taking much time.

•             Inventory outward – Inventory outward is needed when the materials is to be taken out of the warehouse or store room and needs to be sent to the shop or directly to the buyer. Our CRM software will design an impeccable receipt for you to make the move easily.

•             Inventory Issue – The inventory is issued from a warehouse at the time of production activities and all the written work is undertaken by our CRM software quite easily and swiftly.

•             Inventory Status – The information about the stock in inventory would be modified from time to time through the use of our software.

Stage 3 - Account

•             Receipt - Typing the receipt is an essential work, but it no longer needs to be boring one. The CRM software we provide to you will make the receipt in a perfect manner and without errors.

•             Payment – The whole account of payment received, on stay or delayed are noted by the software itself in a presentable manner.

•             Overdue Payment Reminder – Reminder of the overdue payments is important to ring the client and seek the money thereafter.

•             Credit Note – At the time of returning the goods, the shop or business issues a credit note to the customer that helps in the future purchases. Such note can be made in fastidious way through the use of CRM software.

•             Debit Note – A debit note is generally produced by the customer at the time of returning goods and it can be useful for the companies that are involved in the purchasing goods at a large quantity from some other shops. Our software assists in making this note in a neat and apprehensive manner.

•             Expense – A company incurs sundry to massive expenses and to properly estimate the loss or profit of a period, it is important to note down all the expenses in a clear and crisp form in the accounts.

•             GST Report – The government has issued new kind of tax, GST that removes almost all the other taxes and needs to be included in all the receipts. Our software is updated according to the new laws and calculates the taxes in a jiffy and in the most correct way.

•             Balance Sheet – Matching the balance sheets is a challenge for the accountants. But, with the CRM software we have developed for the thriving companies, it is not a challenging task anymore.

•             Profit/ Loss Account – To run the business smoothly, the owner needs to have a total of all the profit margins and loss incurred in the various periods. With the software we bring to you, making these statements will be as easy as a pie.

Stage 4 - Communication

•             Mailer – Communication is the key to impress the customers and hold them with your business for a longer time. The software we serve will do the tasks of a mailer and keep your customers up-to-date with the integral information that can attract him.

•             Messenger – These days, messages are replacing mails. Though, these might look less formal, but pass the information in a short period without much effort. Our CRM software will help in sending the quotes or other messages to the customers.

•             Communication History – Human might forget if a message is been sent to a customer or not. Calling the customer again for passing the same information is not a good idea and not giving the vital information at all is a worse idea. The software we offer would kill all your worries by making a record of communication history.

Stage 5 - Project

•             Bill of Material – BOM can be used as a communication receipt between the manufacturers and suppliers and the other parties involved. This bill includes all the information and the names of the products offered. You won’t have to worry about missing any item or digit from the list by installing our software.

•             Task – No matter if your business is wide or small, allocating the tasks to the subordinates is still a major concern. Make use of the software and see how easily all the tasks can be segregated.

•             Project Stages – There might be a number of projects that your company is working upon right now and the project never gets finished in the absence of right management. This software helps you in knowing which project is on which stage and you can easily analyse what to do to speed up its completion.

•             Project Assign – This software allows you to assign the projects to the right people without you speaking up to them directly so that no time is wasted.

•             Local Labors – It is eminent to keep a record of your local labours in order and it can be done easily with the help of CRM software.

•             Communication History – A track of communication history is inevitable in the businesses that are driving their way through success. The software offered by us helps in making an errorless communication history.

•             Project wise Purchase – The customers need to know about your projects and their completion time. The software handles that quite skilfully.

•             Project wise Inventory – A number of benefits are offered by the CRM software we produce and creating project wise inventory is one among them.

•             Project Costing – The customers need to know an estimate of the project they are investing upon and the software would definitely help you build one by adding all the necessary expenses.

•             Project wise Ticket – The business can quickly handle the project wise ticketing through making the use of the software we have designed to improve the customer relationship management.

Stage 6 - Employee & Payroll

•             Employee Details – The details of the employees shall be safely secured in a place that it can be looked upon even years later. This software will be a safe storage for the important details of your organisation and the ones working under it.

•             Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Appraisal Letter, Experience Letter and Termination Letter – There is a list of letters that must be made and given to the employees. There is no need to type it every time, this software will manage all of it with just a little manual change in names and dates.

•             Target & Achievement – You need to keep a proper record of the targets and achievements of the employees in order to give them proper appraisal and other benefits. With our CRM software, you can keep a neat record of the same.

•             Attendance – Business is way far different than college and it needs to be taken seriously. There can’t be proxy in attendance and it needs to be done in a proper manner so that none of the employee is over or underpaid in any month.

•             Salary – The salary of the employee is decided at the time of hiring, but sometimes due to weak memory and huge staff, there can be confusion in giving the right amount. The CRM software avoids from that to happen and keeps a proper record of everyone’s salary.

 •            Leave Management – Tracking the leaves of the employees is important to notice if the worker is serious about his job or not. The feature of managing the leaves of the employees will make it easy to look upon the details easily.

•             Appraisal – Appraisal is usually given after a year of admission and shall be an important factor in the companies. The list if hiring dates, targets achieved, leaves taken, etc will hamper the decision of raising the current salary and the software is very resourceful in the making of the decision.


•             Engineering

•             Plant & Machinery

•             Chemical

•             Construction

•             Metal & Alloy

•             Real Estate

•             Logistics

•             Security Systems

•             Scientific Instrument

•             Manufacturing

•             Service

•             Plastic

•             Textile

•             Rubber

•             Information Technology

•             Trading

•             Handicrafts And Gifts

•             Automobile


CRM Software Benefits

Other than the ones mentioned above, some direct benefits of our software to the users can be listed as follows:

•             Increase in sales and productivity

•             Assists in managing the contract

•             Helps in managing the project

•             The level and speed of the production can be managed in a better way

•             It is eminent in managing the marketing tactics

•             Control Over Purchase & Vendor

•             Automatic following up is plus point

•             The customer support can be improved instantly

•             With the great features, it will refine the relation with customers

•             You will get a reliable partner for planning marketing and service strategies

•             In the course of marketing and servicing, the overheads will be managed in an improved manner

•             Communication between the businesses will be visibly refined

•             It will generate a specific list for the product information

•             Provide the feedback to lead source

•             Access of information 24*7

•             The project stages can be seen thoroughly

•             The database can be improved or corrected anytime, anywhere

•             Real time reporting is automatic

•             Helps in forming quotations

•             The business activities can be tracked effectively

•             Values the customers and maintain a long-term touch with them

•             Customers can be segregated accordingly

•             The business workflows is speeded up


CRM Software Intelligence

The software we have designed is made using advanced features and technological inputs. Some of its intelligent features are mentioned as follows:

•             Reminder and alerts are sent to the main user through software notification, Email or SMS.

•             The software aids in doing auto enquiries via email and SMS.

•             Follow-ups for outstanding receivables are done automatically.

•             Quotation & Proforma Invoice is made by the software

•             In case of loss, the lacking points will be shown

•             A reminder will be sent for maintenance.

•             The schedule will be told to the persons at every stage required

•             News letters and greetings are automatically made and sent to the customers

•             The activities of the users connected to the software can be tracked with it

•             The daily data is backed up automatically

•             The unwanted or illegal activities can be stopped instantly.



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