You are running a business. As a successful business owner have you have thought about the fact that what is your most asset of your business....Read More
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a user-friendly managed tool that is important for large scale as well as startup and SMEs. Cloud based ERP helps in scaling business as per consumer requirements and it will be very appealing to the consumers and useful for the smooth running of business operation.....Read More
Clinical software is user friendly software designed to record the details of the patients who visit for physiotherapy. This is a cloud-based software which maintains electronic health records of the patient, billing of the patient, financial analytics and business intelligent reports which work together to automate all clinics workflow.....Read More
All your prospective customers are aware about what their problems are. They usually deny hearing about your extensive knowledge of their problem but only interested in how the problem is solved.....Read More
Whenever a customer is not satisfied they will start making different sorts of complaints. In this article, we will guide you about how to track, monitor, and categorize customer complaints and how to control customer complaints from going viral.....Read More
All your prospective customers are aware about what their problems are. They usually deny hearing about your extensive knowledge of their problem but only interested in how the problem is solved. Consumers are always happy and enthusiastic to know how you plan to solve the problem. Business to business organizations mainly benefit from providing valuable solutions. It is very challenging for B2B companies to sell a concrete product, but by taking certain tips for effective solution of problems is to implement an effective CRM platform which helps in solutions of multiple problems.....Read More
CRM & ERP software both play a significant role to increase the efficiency and profitability of the business, but the core functionalities differ from each other making themselves as standalone software. These systems overlap in certain areas but can be integrated in each other. So, let us first understand what a CRM and ERP software’s are....Read More
Sales Fundaa Real Estate CRM software, is one of the best CRM Software and which provides a platform for the people in real estate industries whether a broker or real estate agent to meet their business needs .The real estate industry is benefited by better organization of all aspects of real estate sales starting from lead tracking and prospect development, contact database management as it helps to manage and retain existing clients and manage the business efficiently by closing deals and fast conversions into sales.CRM also helps in upload of documents and contracts.....Read More
If you’re starting any business it is important for you to know that money is the outcome of proper business so, to continue the flow of money it needs that you run the business whether from home or office irrespective of the hurdles. Work from home is currently implemented by many business ownersall over India and abroad. Growth of business is in your hands and you should put your heart in it.....Read More
Coronavirus global pandemic has made us work from home (WFH), and now it has been considered as the future of work. Initially, it was confined to the IT field but now other sectors have also started working from home....Read More
CRM is a customer relationship management softwaCRM is a customer relationship management software which manages the contact databases, of prospect and customer data, improve sales and increase overall efficiency by generating revenue. A right CRM increases the revenue of the business by creating target marketing and improving customer experience. It automates all your business tasks and enables seamless More
Coronavirus pandemic has caused huge financial losses and taken human livesglobally. Due to lockdown many companies are closed down and many of them are working remotely to maintain social distancing with an intention to save human lives till we get a vaccination. In this critical situation,many companies has adopted remote work and adopted new technology for survival. Many businesses are closed down gone into bankruptcy and many cases the future remains uncertain. Hence, it is very important to take actions as regards to falling sales and improper supply chain management. This article focuses on what is CFO role amidst this pandemic.....Read More
Businesses across the world are suffering an economic crisis due to the COVID pandemic. Though this is not the first pandemic that the world is going through, this is certainly the first of its kind. This article discusses how sales teams can learn how to drive business growth during the crisis. 1. No performance decision on the basis of the sales report. Business is completely affected during a pandemic and no sales happening as the sales team is not able to have face-to-face communication with the clients and they have to solely rely on virtual It is difficult to analyze the team productivity so they decide on basis of sales report but SalesFundaa CRM is user friendly and extremely helpful as it provides a ready-made dashboard that monitors the performance of the team members and helps in tracking new leads and handles sales effectively.....Read More
Small businesses face many challenges to start up, manage, and sustain over a long period. These challenges become greater during an economic downturn or a pandemic.....Read More
Empower your business with the best CRM software for India as it focuses on the right deals at right time and closes deals faster.....Read More
COVID-19 crisis has transformed the real world to the virtual world and remote work is done globally compelling companies to innovate and implement new ideas and ways of doing business. In this crisis, the biggest challenge for the managers is to monitor the daily routine of their team members so that is productive.....Read More
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are considered as a crucial sector of the Indian economy over the last few decades as they plays major role in providing large employment opportunities at low cost and encouraging to promote economic and social development.....Read More
Forecasting is the process of making predictions of the future by the analysis of past and present data .Forecasting is a valuable tooling any company for the growth process.....Read More
We would like to introduce SF Card Scanner to you and we genuinely believe that it will assist you by decluttering, digitizing and organizing your business cards.....Read More
If you’re starting any business it is important for you to know that business makes money, so you should know strategies to make money. The growth of the business is in your hands.....Read More
Successful sales People always looks to optimize his productivity and improve his selling skill.....Read More
Field management software for your company’s official work is the ideal thing that would....Read More
Sales Fundaa Field Management Software is a cloud based software which help to management field force activity like attendance, Route management, order management, lead management, distributor management, expense, location tracking etc.....Read More
In the online market, business owners can find so many service providers for CRM software solutions. With the marketing strategies, any companies or service providers website will appear on the first page of the search engine results.....Read More
Customer relationship management software is not only used by big businesses, but it has also become an essential component of many smaller successful activities....Read More
The business owners are usually snowed under a bundle of responsibilities and task to be done with abundant diligence. The CRM software in Pune offered by SalesFundaa will less the tasks less hard to accomplish and not just by dealing with the clients you have, but also with the companies you are buying products from.....Read More
The abbreviation of CRM is Customer Relationship Management which can be understood as software that lets your business build an impeccable relation with your customers in such a way that there is a meagre need of human efforts.....Read More
CRM is a system that helps streamline your business by keeping the focus of customer management, opportunities, appointments, sales and aid. It helps boost your business revenues, support and satisfaction. Our CRM software in India for all types of organizations allows your management cycles, meaning more sales and offering you with on-time help and happy customers.....Read More
In this world of modern technologies and numerous options, one might get confused regarding what to and what not to invest under.....Read More
How have you been running your sales department? Still relying on traditional sales culture? Then, you have to think again! Yes!....Read More
Lead management is the process where you can lead generate, centralized, customizable database, tracking and manage your sales team activities, behavior, marketers and makes salespeople happy, manage your nurturing and visualize sales pipeline, automated email & SMS campaigns, make research effortless and forecast accurately. CRM Lead Management Software....Read More
Customers are the core of any business organization, it is around them every move of the business, vision and goals revolve.....Read More
Customers are the centre around whom all the activities of your company revolve. It is therefore vital for the organization to understand their needs, requirements and behavior for carrying out the business successfully.....Read More
Sales management is not an easy affair and is challenging job. Any sales manager of small or big is always on his toes managing his team of sales representatives; who are struggling to hit the quota, training newer ones, forecasting sales, making reports, carrying administrative work etc.....Read More
Key features of a CRM system Some of the key functions of a CRM system are Contact management Lead management Sales forecasting Instant messaging between employees Email tracking and integration with Outlook and Gmail File and content sharing Quotation management Dashboard-based analytics....Read More
Salesfundaa HR & Payroll Management is the most reliable module, which provides solution for managing all the Employee related management requirements and data of an organization. Since Human resource is an important strength to an organization, it benefits the organization by effectively handling the workforce automating the system so as to smoothly carrying out the payroll procedure. It is essentially helpful in keeping a track on the employee's performance and recording accurate employee details is necessary as the growing employee base increases.....Read More
Salesfundaa HR and payroll management software is an all-in-one cloud based HR software which takes care of all the HR operations and payroll related modules such as attendance, leave, performance and statutory compliance. It generates all the reports automatically on a monthly basis. It is a software which covers cloud featured advantages such as security, disaster recovery and many more.....Read More
Plant Maintenance typically refer to repairs and inspection of various machines or buildings so there are no problems that might halt production or use. A customised software for maintenance management can be used to manage a range of details relating to ongoing maintenance and equipment breakdowns.....Read More
Salesfundaa CRM software enables organizations to capture a better understanding of customer needs and behavior. Introduction of advanced solutions to integrate sales, services, marketing, order management, pricing, etc., has helped improve customer satisfaction and enabled the delivery of goods on time.....Read More
Integrated ERP reduces business costs and also enables to eliminate duplicate work efforts across multiple areas via one unified system. A cloud based version can enable to achieve double benefits as the combination of increased visibility into task performance, real time reporting and remote access can yield the boost for your sales.....Read More
Today it is difficult for any business to grow without social media presence. Social media is very effective in customer servicing also. Customers who experience quick and effective response via social media are likely to recommend the brand to others. Good exposure in social media helps to reduce service cost and improve customer engagement and helps business to reach out to more potential customers. Salesfundaa CRM software can be integrated with social media that can help business to run and track social media campaign, measure its effectiveness, increase sales, resolve customer queries and many more.....Read More
CRM can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. However, all of that complexity isn’t always a good thing; As long as the complexity is a functional complexity that serves your purpose or you can any day opt for a simple CRM that is easier to use. Here are some core features of Salesfundaa CRM software that every organization needs:....Read More
What is Digital transformation? The comprehensive transformation of business activities into the digital arena is nothing but a Digital transformation. It is aimed to fully leverage the new and varied digital technologies that are disrupting the market, as well as taking into account the impact these technologies have on the consumers. While digital transformation is typically associated with industrial growth, it has played an important role in changing the landscape of ERP.....Read More
Automating leave management is the out come of complete digital transformation of businesses, thereby offering greater synergies in the long run. Software used by employees to clock in was once used only to pay people for the hours they had worked.....Read More
New technology is required in finding, segmenting, managing and finally satisfying customers. Finding cross-selling and up selling opportunities is another huge challenge. Distinguishing services is what customers look for and they do not mind paying a premium for the same.....Read More
Implied predictive analytics in a business include sharper sales forecasting and better hit rates in marketing, ability to detect frauds and strong analytical insights to understand customer churn. Predictive analysis driven ERP has the power to become the single biggest contribution to Business boom for enterprise.....Read More
Global trends are evolving the business landscape and we find business world wide are investing in technology that offers real time data about buying patterns and preferences and customer behaviour. This data is then used to design marketing and sales campaigns that drive sales growth and also maintain customer loyalty. The salesfundaa CRM software collate data about customer interactions with the business through various channels such as phone calls, website, emails and social-media. This real time data is very useful and can be acted upon by aligning marketing and sales efforts to procure business and drive return on investments (ROI).....Read More
Manufacturing firms are expected to create, build and deliver superior quality products at a rapid pace and at the lowest possible costs to grab a substantial market share and win new customers while retaining old ones. The increasingly competitive landscape in the manufacturing field poses a tremendous challenge and there arises a need to excel in all processes involved in production, sales and distribution as efficiency and productivity become the core of optimization.....Read More
Closing more deals is the number one priority for any small or medium Enterprise. Yet many organizations are still following outdated sales processes and in turn losing out on the benefits of their efforts and falling prey to adversities due to a prolonged gap in sales. Embracing Sales Automation is the solution to counter prevent these adversities.....Read More
The number of spreadsheets your employees use daily can be alarming. They use a variety of spreadsheets for financial budgeting and planning along with storage of customer contact data and critical business information. Spreadsheets have a wide application to store payroll and employee information, sales data, inventory details, project timelines and more. Some of the most important processes are tracked in Excel sheets. Despite these facts the Salesfundaa ERP software for sales and service finds a leverage advantage to spreadsheets. And why not. The Automation and ease of operation for different aspects in business management system is an any day convenient and a life saving time saver.....Read More
Small Enterprises typically make a mistake because they think 50 inquiries a day and roughly 20 customers to attend can be managed in excel without any trouble. Eventually as the business grows and more and more inquiries add up to 200 inquiries a month having a reliable management system becomes inevitable. Salesfundaa CRM software system supports a systematic methodology to record and update sales information and it is an indispensable tool even if you are a start- up.....Read More
Before you embark on a selection process you have to have clarity of your objectives, needs and expectations. CRM’s today are paired with ERP to empower and use resources to the best advantage and improve efficacy and productivity. Then arises the question of affordability and knowledge of application and again employment of specialised staff and many other managements that follow to support that. The Salesfundaa CRM software is designed to give you the following benefits........Read More
Salesfundaa CRM software is a business-related technology which is evolving at the speed of light, and if you choose wisely you can effectively streamline your operations. The Salesfundaa CRM software applications versatility is designed to serve multiple functions and helping growing businesses and startups everywhere to become more efficient, precise and cost-effective.....Read More
With the exponential increase in data use that has accompanied society's transition into the digital 21st century, Organizations not on the public cloud will be increasingly isolated from the world of tech innovation naturally losing out on business efficiencies, cost benefits and competitive advantages it holds over the old way of business.....Read More
If you are looking for a software to assist you with streamlining your construction project processes and to ensure that your project is completed on time Salesfundaa Project Management has the answer. Salesfundaa CRM Software with Project Management can expend and prevent cost overruns along with tracking project tasks progress and also manage all critical paths. It also helps you on task management across multi-project so you can save more effort and time.....Read More
The Salesfundaa CRM software is on a cloudbased platform and its true capabilities are only now beginning to be realized.....Read More
A CRM administrator links the gap between the CRM system and the users who interact with it. He uses his CRM software as a tool to chun customer data to surface insights that help in making better business decisions.....Read More
Salesfundaa Logistics management software can be deployed for effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services. It processes all related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customer requirements.....Read More
Global outsourcing research give comprehensive studies regarding what, why and how software development companies outsource. As per this report a sizeable number of small and midsize enterprise are reaping the benefits of outsourcing. Maximum of whom have successful stories to share. They mostly outsource IT functions and software development outsourcing is the most popular trend.....Read More
Healthcare is currently a massive industry with tens of thousands of patients being seen to every day. This makes it essentially important to manage patient details in bulk. These kind of situations arise when reputed institutions need to upgrade to high technology machines to diagnose complexities.....Read More
With increasing competition on all fronts, customer service has become more important than ever to keep your clients happy and ensure timely, relevant communication. The customer service aspect is arguably even more critical than in other industries in the case of financial services organisations that manage a client’s assets or investment.....Read More
Industries vary in size, scale and nature. This often gives rise to different customer needs and customer service requirements. But there is always one thing in common: there is no business without Customers.....Read More
ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. It covers various essential processes for running a business. ERP is a modular software system which includes invoicing, payment management, inventory, purchase module, accounting, human resources, etc.....Read More
ERP and CRM systems use two different aspects deployed to increase profitability. ERP can reduce your business overheads and its implementation can minimize costs. It ideally makes your business processes more efficient by cutting down of capital spent on those processes. At the same time a CRM may be deployed to increase profits by producing greater sales volume.....Read More
To be a construction contractor involves strategic relations with enterpreneurs, clients, governments, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers. Business leads pour in from multiple sources-referrals, social media, networking, etc. Without Salesfundaa CRM software monitoring and managing the network of work process is tedious and a mistake can add up to enterprise cost.....Read More
The People who provide goods and services to an organization are considered its vendors. Different Vendors have different contract terms, pay rates, and points of contact that must be managed on a daily basis.....Read More
Deploying Salesfundaa CRM software is an ideal software that assists in restoring an amiable ambience at the work place as it is seen beneficial in helping employees work smarter and better together by automating cumbersome manual tasks and utilizing customer data as a factor in deciding what products and services to offer.....Read More
Putting together a timely, accurate, professional quote or proposal is perhaps the single most important part of the sales process. Quotations are not only made for products but services as well. The nature of the contents are therefore different. Managing these manually is often a difficult process that is poorly controlled and tracked.....Read More
If you are a construction company who is depending on outsourced work then project management software can put greater control into your hands and reduce the amount of outsourced work. Project Management is just a piece of a much larger software , but it is an essential piece of a maze.....Read More
An Inquiry Is Not A Lead there is a difference An inquiry is simply people who are interested in getting educated on how to solve a problem. One has to figure out how many of those inquiries can become leads to pass on to sales. A lead is a qualified business opportunity.....Read More
The key to fuelled growth lies in using sophisticated business software in virtually every industry. It is seen as the ideal empowerment where it rids enterprise who are struggling with process bottlenecks and employee productivity issues. Integrated business software suites are essentially transforming how companies function and giving them wings to take their business to the next level of profitable growth.....Read More
Salesfundaa ERP for Sales and Service is an online application to manage your entire process of Sales and Service functions from any location. Since it is based on cloud, you don't have to invest in any hardware. It is easily adaptable to any business in the Sales & Service industry.....Read More
Salesfundaa Real Estate software is a cloud based comprehensive, modular, scalable Estate Agent Management System that is designed to integrate & automate the Real Estate Agent Business. The functionalities included in the software facilitate smooth and controlled operation of Estate agent’s daily business operations and enhance productivity.....Read More
We at Salesfundaa CRM offer a flexible Cloud solution that is able to grow with you as your business grows, and that the solution is tailored to your needs in terms of functionality. Now that you are equipped with this knowledge, you’d be able to find the Cloud that will take you high and far in growing your business.....Read More
Logistics. ... Logistics management is the part of supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward, and reverse flow and storage of goods, services, and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customer's requirements.....Read More
If you own or manage a small to medium sized business, you may have dismissed the idea of using an HR software to help run your business as too costly and unnecessary. However, HR software can be of enormous benefit to smaller firms if it is chosen carefully and meets the unique requirements of the business.....Read More
4 Reasons for switching to Cloud: Mobile accessibility, Minimal IT costs, Data Security, Ease of Migration....Read More
Do the sales forecast for your small business provide an accurate picture of stark reality, but still encourage growth? With the possibility of higher profits on the table, no business owner should be content with a sales forecasting strategy that under-delivers. CRM can empower SME’s who may see a visible 15% reduction in inventory, and a 2% increase in revenue.....Read More
What typically defines start-up is a brilliant idea and rapid growth plan. The brilliant idea could be development of a product or a service; it could also be a delivery mechanism. Where do you wish to see your company in the next 5 years. If you want to remain a startup, then focus on reducing costs If you don’t want to be a startup for too long and want to grow ASAP, then focus on making money SalesFundaa CRM is one of the first tools that should be implemented in any startup if they need to grow to the next level.....Read More
CRM software systems are used to manage business contacts, employees, clients, contract wins and sales leads. One important aspect of the CRM software is that they compile data from a range of different communication channels, including a company's website, telephone, email, live chat or most recent -social media. Through the SalesFundaa CRM approach and the systems used to facilitate it, businesses learn more about their target audiences and how to best cater to their needs.....Read More
If your manufacturing process is deals with chemical manufacturing, food cpg manufacturing, Pharma and life sciences manufacturing then you are a process manufacturer who expect simplified sales, service and support processes. CRM software help in coping with changing customer demands, while still adhering to strict industry regulations and fluctuating resource constraints.....Read More
Good customer relationships are the result of ‘the Right product, for the Right customer, in the Right place, at the Right time, in the Right quantity, in the Right condition, and at the Right cost’. CRM software is a way to identify each of these ‘Rights’ and to segment customers accordingly.....Read More
Advanced invoicing software solutions are also coming up with reliable accounting mechanisms to close the gaps Excel left behind.....Read More
However big or small your enterprise, you as the administrator are performing HR responsibilities for hiring the right candidate, managing employee details, tracking time, handling employee benefits, measuring employee performance and much more. If you run a small or medium sized business, the use of HR software for these activities is the most appropriate solution as automating your HR can help you save time and money in a lot of ways.....Read More
Our Team at The Engi Expo 2018, Ahmedabad. Be there to grab your favorite offers and Customized modules or contact us on +91 9235 35 35 35 or comment below to get more details. Your business solutions for Multiple Tasks Be there to grab your favorite offers and Customized modules or contact us on +91 9235 35 35 35 or comment below to get more details....Read More
Every Lead has potential to turn into an opportunity for business. SalesFundaa CRM provides solution to bridge the gap by recording on a regular basis the activities and follow-ups done and aids in analyzing the direction, quality, quantity of efforts put in for converting the Lead. Once a quotation is submitted there is the requirement for analysis and lot of time and resource allocation is involved to decide its potential. People from sales do different activities in handling the enquiry like personal visits, telephone calls, presentations, product demonstrations, meeting, quotation submission,....Read More
Our Email Newsletter is an important tactic or Part of our marketing and sales strategy. It is vital driving force for growth and ensures in gaining maximum subscribers. It mentors more than 33000 audiences and whenever they are in need of our service they can simply click on reply or request a quote on our website. We can also segregate our list and run targeted email promotions with a few mouse clicks. It’s the most effective strategy to achieve and get a grip on sales and most importantly leads. Email marketing strategies have plenty of variation....Read More
If you run a business, no matter how small or big you will come across customer complaints. Handling these complaints is tough and requires skill. Customer complaints don’t necessarily mean that you are running your business poorly. Many businesses don’t invest much into complaint handling as they feel it’s a time consuming process. This is where the problem is, if you don’t take customer complaints seriously then time will come where you will have to shut down your business, as they say customer is the KING.....Read More
Business thrives on an excellent marketing. Marketing can make or break your company. 7 Ps of marketing are a set of marketing strategy/tactics which you can use to target your customers. Product: Product is what you sell to your customers. It includes all the features, services, advantages that your customer will benefit from buying your product. When marketing your product or services you need to focus/highlight on the services, benefits and features your customer would like to have in your product.....Read More
Imagine a system where all information about all leads, employees and other useful data are organized in single software and easily accessible on multiple devices by multiple users. SalesFundaa CRM software is one such software where you will be able to organize all your leads, enquiries, projects, assign tasks and manage all sales cycle process. Here are some of the most important reasons why you must use SalesFundaa CRM for your business:....Read More
Marketing your small business and that too on a small budget can be tough. But in today’s age you don’t need expensive campaigns to attract people to your business. In fact, there are many cost-effective ways to promote your business and attract new customers. Here are the tips to market your small business on a small budget. Social Media: Promoting your business on social media cannot be ignored in today’s digital age. People of all ages use social media. So, this is an excellent and cost-effective platform to market your small business....Read More
Why Social Media? Is it difficult for you to find new leads for your business? Due to fierce competition finding new customers and clients is really tough. If you run a business it is important to know the different sources from where you can attract customers to buy your product or service. One such source is ‘Social Media’. In today’s time Social Media is a powerful tool to market your business. Gone are the days when huge chunk of marketing budget was spent on traditional methods like door-to-door selling.....Read More
NO sales means NO business. It’s as simple as that. Businesses rely on sales for revenue to run their business smoothly. In most of the companies, sales team waste precious time in managing clients wrongly. Maintaining new leads, negotiating leads for pricing quotation, managing sales and post-sales support is tough for any business. Using an effective customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you manage leads, quotation, sales, invoice, complaint management, generate reports. All of these business activities can be streamlined....Read More
CRM software solutions comes in many shapes and sizes, they all have basically a similar goal – to enable you to gather, sort out and understand key information about existing and prospect clients so you can accomplish more, and better business relationships with them. Moreover it’s not just a means of storing contact details, Customer Relationship Management software is an effective tool that empowers even the smallest business to knock out big industry players by finding new leads, following up prospects and giving a better customer service.....Read More
1. Website as a Marketing Tool Your website should have every information about your business like the company profile, product, service, business location, business contact numbers etc. Having a website will create a thinking in the minds of the consumers that the company is serious about its business and has a long term vision. It creates awareness and more importantly a trust factor in the minds of a consumer and will act as a business lead. Every product & services need marketing in the today's world and having a website helps. Also, websites should also....Read More
The Benefits of CRM Solutions CRM solutions plays an important role in a business. There are many advantages of using Customer Relationship Management software. Benefits like automation of sales and marketing processes, integration of daily routine and administrative tasks associated with cold calling, customer management, pre-sales, after sales services and many other. CRM can take care of every aspect of marketing, sales and administration of an organization. With CRM automation businesses will run like a well oiled machine which will reduce the amount of manual labour and processes needed otherwise.....Read More