Sales Fundaa Real Estate CRM software, is one of the best CRM Software and which provides a platform for the people in real estate industries whether a broker or real estate agent to meet their business needs .The real estate industry is benefited by better organization of all aspects of real estate sales starting from lead tracking and prospect development, contact database management as it helps to manage and retain existing clients and manage the business efficiently by closing deals and fast conversions into sales.CRM also helps in upload of documents and contracts.

User friendly and quick access: CRM software is user-friendly.  Simple to use software which is widely accessible and readily available on different devices like iPads, iPhones, Android, Cloud Server etc.

Easy customization: Real EstateCRM softwareis highly customizable .It is one of the dynamic websites which helps the real estate clients and entrepreneurs.It is simple to use and customized according to the user requirement.

Automation of business operations: Investment inCRM softwarewill help you automate business tasks thus making the process quick and reliable. Simple tasks like lead tracking, prospect generation, customer relation management, advertisement,contact management, presales and after sales management, quotation managements are automated; manual work affecting business due to absence in office and human errors is reduced.Also employees have time for self-development through trainings. Reports are generated with a click which helps in business decision.

Managing existing and future real estate leads

Having multiple leads at one time means dealing with many offers at the same time. It could be a blessing and a curse because if you are not careful and attentive you can lose out the deal.CRM software is used for effective communication with client for business growth. You may also be in touch with potential clients who are looking to purchase a new home in the future. CRM software allows you to keep track of these future clients for better business prospects.

Customer data at Ease:  CRM software helps to manage entire customer information right from data of birth, family details, demographic details, email id accessible at a single click within seconds.This is effective way of organizing and storing information developing better customer relationships that is contact management. A detailed client history helps in immediate check regarding the entire conversation with the client right from the beginning thus making it reliable software.

 Saving Cost: CRM Software helps in reducing cost on human resources by automating pre and post sales activities. Automation pre and post sales activities using CRM software makes work simple and reduces cost as software automates many tasks right from presales, aftersales, quotation management,payment details etc. You can organize and systematize customer interaction, schedule appointment and meeting, store information schedule an alarms. Work done in timely and efficient manner increases revenues.

Effective Sales: Effective sales are done by using CRM software as with the help of presales module it is possible to convert the prospect into sale by better interaction with the client and building good customer relations.It helps in enhancing customer conversion ratio. Scheduling of Meetings, Scheduling of reminders, sending bulk email and several other tools make the business projection convert into reality.

Better and efficient process management: CRM software is reliable software which helps to increase the speed of a business by increasing the speed of transactions. Being connected to the clients, providing proper and expert service helps process the transactions speedily and keep the clients happy.

Better payment collection

Regular usage of the CRM software makes the clients happy and satisfied clients who readily make the payment for the organization. They give reference due to our expert support and service thereby increasing business.

Desktop and mobile CRM solutions

You can access the CRM Software 27by 7 on your desktop and mobile devices thereby communicating with your client without any hassle.

Contract and transaction management

CRM Software allows real estate agents and brokers to upload contracts, and manage deadlines for transactions.



Thursday 17 September 2020