A CRM administrator links  the gap between the CRM system and the users who interact with it.  He uses his CRM software as a tool to chun customer data to surface insights that help in making better business decisions.

He has to be knowledgeable not only of the CRM software, but also of sales, marketing, business processes, and how they relate to the CRM software.  When CRM software is

Implemented to streamline interdepartmental processes, many more administrators need to be created.  During the interactions between super Admin and other Admins sometimes there can be hindrances due to limited understanding of other departments and business processes.  Thus it automatically becomes the job of the Super Admin to verify and reconcile data that has been entered into the system and educate users on the correct code of conduct and entering data in the first place.  It is essential that he has a strong IT exposure and in depth understanding of marketing practices.

As the CRM system grows it can involve providing training and education for new users and for existing users.  It can also throw light on how to customize the software as needs change and also troubleshoot in case problems arise.  This sometimes means diverting the attention of the involved IT and marketing staff that are administering the system from their actual tasks.

When do I Need to create  CRM Administrator?

Every business is different so there will be a different answer every time.  Hiring someone to handle your CRM system is a dear investment. Unless you have clarity on two aspects

  • What are the foreseeable responsibilities for your CRM administrator?

  • Can your existing staff effectively handle those responsibilities, along with their regular duties?

-- it is difficult to decide whether it is time to have a dedicated Administrator or not .  The size of your business decides your CRM administrators responsibilities.

So what to expect from your CRM software?

A good CRM software generally serve three  function: operational, analytical, and collaborative. Not all solutions in the market serve these  three functions, but usually are strongest in one or two only. What you deem your priority function will dictate your choice of software.  And investing in the wrong CRM software will compromise productivity.


Salesfundaa CRM software is  strong in the area of streamlining and automating workflows in  sales, marketing and customer service and thus has excellent lead management, contact management, help desk, and sales pipeline.  This is especially beneficial to managers, marketers, salespeople, service reps, and tech support to offload repetitive tasks and fast track work.


But what business leaders need today is a review of operations at a click. Salesfundaa CRM software can source tons of data from multiple touch points and consolidate it  into insights that are useful to strategic planning. The software features robust reporting and dashboards and can generate real-time data. It has some standard drill-down tools.

What factors you need to analyze

  • Gross Revenue Trends

  • Owner’s earning trends

  • Gross Profits

  • Total Expenses

  • Year-wise financial records

  • Overheads

  • Trading hours

You can generate graphical reports and accordingly take follow-up actions.  Its  Analytic feature is useful for CEOs and executives, department heads, and team leaders.

Conclusions from your analysis

You may have all the results in front of you what is more important is what you make of it. Data may notify you about the changes but it is only you who knows why those changes took place in the first place.

So if the data shows growth or decline you now know which steps are benefitting you venture and which ones are holding you down. This is extremely necessary to ask those questions to yourself, then only the hard work behind the analysis pays off.


Salesfundaa CRM software is strong in file sharing, editing controls, and activity streaming.  It promotes teamwork and transparency among sales, marketing, and support by sharing customer information and syncing their activities. Its ability to collaborate allows it to enhance productivity.

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Saturday 05 May 2018