Lead Management Software solution

Lead management is the process where you can lead generate, centralized, customizable database, tracking and manage your sales team activities, behavior, marketers and makes salespeople happy, manage your nurturing and visualize sales pipeline, automated email & SMS campaigns, make research effortless and forecast accurately.

CRM Lead Management Software solution and tangible benefits


Generate leads: This software generates your leads through the web, excel spreadsheet, entry form.

Track sales process: Before CRM, It was difficult to manage high volume leads but with the help of CRM Lead Management software solution easy to track the sales process.

Growth in sales productivity: Its follow to quality leads, make smaller time wastage, upsell opportunities, or track customer buying records to identify potential leads, helps enucleate your most valuable customers, and easily pinpoint weak links.

Increase profit: Tracks sales opportunities attend customer requirements or address a critical business process faster, engage customers, you can give incentive to your sells person to their necessary actions and quality work. Furthermore, reduced training cost, and keeps away from doubling of tasks.

Quick strategic decision: CRM software help to elect accurate insights from real-time and on-location data, make strategies or tactics right away to take benefit of an opportunity or prevent a crisis.

Extremely data protection:Keeps secret client data, only approved associate can access the data, It means you can focus your budget, human resources, and capital infrastructure under one item. So you can focus your budget, resources, capital infrastructure under one item and free from hackers.

Top CRM software uses in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad


Greatest CRM Softwarein Mumbai in 2019

Web Based:This is the best web based CRM software for On-Demand Automation, user - friendly CRM for both B2B and B2C Businesses, the great advantage of its adaptability to an ERP System.

Enterprise Resource Planning: Enterprise Resource Planning Software is the most powerful solutions in the market. It works on three territory marketing, managing sales cycle, purchase cycle, and stock management also.

Growing and Dynamic: It creates importance for its customers to take care of the growing and dynamic requirements of modern times, sales, marketing, and services.

SalesFundaa CRM Software:It is a Fixed Asset Management Software designed to track & manages Fixed Assets. It helps to remove drudgery and cost of maintaining Fixed Assets and calculating right asset valuations and accurate depreciation deductions.

HR & Payroll Management Software:SalesFundaa Human Resources and Payroll Management (HRM) are designed to manage people within an organization. Challenges of SMEs are key areas of employee compensation, computing compensation and defining benefits and work design. Their work, which is often governed in nature, includes the documents of complaint, termination, absence, performance reports and compensation and profit information.

Real Estate CRM Software: It is a Pre and Post Sales management software which is highly preferred different Real Estate Companies across India. It manages real estate developer’s sales, documents, brokers, customer accounts, lead, and staff.

SalesFundaa ERP For Manufacturing Company:SalesFundaa provide the ERP solution for manufacturing company where you can integrate businesses process like finance, HR, Supply chain, Services, Procurement and much more in a single system.

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