Industries vary in size, scale and nature.  This often gives rise to different customer needs and customer service requirements.  But there is always one thing in common:

there is no business without


Understanding the need of your Enterprise

The Salesfundaa CRM software dynamism has scrutinized the needs of the these varied nature in industry and has developed

Salesfundaa CRM software

In most small enterprise, the  customer interactions are carried out by the sales  departments. Salesfundaa CRM software for sales and service  focus more on the needs of the salespeople with features like contact management and calendars. The standard Salesfundaa  CRM software e has  limited features, and are primarily useful for businesses with a single sales department and a small number of salespeople.

The economically viable Salesfundaa CRM software  is  appealing to SMBs as it is  usually offered at a flat, per-user rate–allowing the business to add or remove users  as needed. It comes with mobile App compatibility that appeals to the always on the go entrepreneur as he can monitor his business from the privacy of his home or car.

Its biggest plus is that as the business grows it can be scaled to an enterprise CRM edition to enhance efficiency and productivity and meet the demand for a dynamic process. 

ERP for sales and service

ERP for sales and service  software are designed for larger, more complex businesses with more customer-facing departments larger databases, and more robust needs.  It is deployed where enterprise have multiple departments and sales teams, all of which need instant access to customer and company data. Everyone from sales, manufacturing and different aspects of the supply chain  is involved in the business process workflow and all of them are working with the same information. It can also support workflow to put up and monitor marketing campaigns. It can be scaled to meet Hr and payroll management, Logistics,

ERP for sales and service software can be substantially more expensive than the standard Salesfundaa CRM software.   Much of the cost can be attributed to the time and effort involved in customizing the system.  

However big or small your enterprise  Salesfundaa CRM software  is the basic tool for every Industry.  We at sales fundaa endeavour to understand the different needs and address issues to give you a product suitable for your personalized industry requirement.  Over the years Salesfundaa CRM software  has been a reliable quintessential of a wide spectrum of industry heads and assisted in the growth process for business like

  • Outsourcing business

  • Financial business

  • Citizen Attention

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Logistics

  • Retail

  • Telecom

  • Utilities

  • Media

  • Manufacturing


Over the last couple of years, the outsourcing industry has experienced significant growth.

Many organizations choose to outsource non-core functions in order to achieve cost savings and gain access to specialized expertise.  

Outsourcers are one of the most demanding users of Salesfundaa CRM software.  They need to provide customer care, telemarketing, debt collection or any other business application to companies from all industries, whether it is media,  retail or banking.  Salesfundaa CRM software fits the need of an Outsourcer business enterprise who needs a flexible, scalable and cost-effective software for its dynamic operation.    

Whatever be your business call us for a free demo on 9235 35 35 35 and we can give you  your cost effective specific business solution.

Saturday 21 April 2018