CRM Software in India

CRM is a system that helps streamline your business by keeping the focus of customer management, opportunities, appointments, sales and aid. It helps boost your business revenues, support and satisfaction. Our CRM software in India for all types of organizations allows your management cycles, meaning more sales and offering you with on-time help and happy customers.

Salesfundaa is a cloud-based software services business that makes it simple to access anywhere. This is a well-coordinated scheme that also covers sales, procurement, advertising and support. Therefore, there is no need for different techniques to maintain your data; CRM Software will save a lot of time. All the crucial data available on your fingertips, so you won't miss the point during your business choice.

What's right for you with SalesFundaa? 

Safety Bulletproof:-Your data is hosting in secure locations in some of today's safest available facilities.

Outstanding support:-Software is designed to help you focus more on creating daily customer satisfaction.

Above and beyond a CRM:-Developed to meet your company's specific needs, CRM enables you to develop faster.

Hosted on Cloud:-Your input is entirely safe and secure.


Activity Management:Activity management assist you and your marketing team organize and prioritize your day, creating customized lists of priorities and reports to enhance effectiveness and productivity for your whole team.

Alerts & Notifications: Alerts & Notifications allows CRM System users to add and handle CRM alerts for various organizations easily! You can fill in individual and bulk documents effortlessly all the crucial data and information.

Analytics & Reporting: Our CRM Software provides extensive reporting that allows you to access and obtain an in-depth understanding of your company rapidly and efficiently. Management can get a clear image of what is happening in the whole organization through customized ad-hoc reports coupled with a plot of sales, advertising and customer service data.

Billing & Invoicing: CRM Software that helps you track time, build custom-made invoices and get payment paid online quickly and easily use. It allows you to handle and cooperate with your customers and peers. Save time through automated repetitive invoices, a reminder of payment and submit thank you notes.

Calendar Management: Schedule your week from your best calendar.

Contact Management: The practice of storing and arranging contact information is contact management, to make it simple to access.

Customer Information System (CIS): Customer Information System(CIS) is a full application that enables you to dynamically adapt the database to user-defined areas, enabling the system to accommodate your industry rather than pushing you to fit into the software Customer Information System(CIS).

Social media management — You can build and manage your social media accounts on one platform. It tracks your company's social media operations and evaluates success metrics for effective customer management, such as likes, comments, mentions and shares.

Tasks and Deals –CRM allows you to add, assign, track and feed operational goods into the sales pipeline. Deals and assignments can be automatically created with customer details and updated with real-time information.

Supported Platforms

1.       Android

2.       Mac OS

3.       iOS

4.       Windows

5.       Linux

6.       Windows Phone

The most excellent suited for:

Mid-Market, Startups, Agencies, Govt, Enterprise, SMEs, PSUs, Small Business, Real Estate, Call Center, Restaurants, MAC, ISP, Service Providers.

CRM software benefits in India:

To make the right decisions and gain some insight:You can consolidate and analyze customer data with a CRM software in  India to identify patterns, trends and perspectives that are essential to strategic marketing choices. In addition, you can use customer data from a range of sources like social media posts and sales information to assess your brand's overall sentiments.

Increase the potential for sales:With the data acquired from CRM, you can quickly qualify new leads and focus on the prospects. You can also view customers who upsell, cross-sell or sort and reactivate dormant customers. Better participation also means happy and lucrative customers.

Better management of time:With CRM, salespeople can enhance their regular schedules and prioritize tasks to ensure that they do not ignore the customer and contact them on time. Indeed, CRM Software enables salespeople to spend more time with customers that lead to more closure of business and a greater customer base.

Clustering of customers made easier:The CRM's ability to centrally organize customer data allows anyone with access to a 360-degree of their behavior. Customer segmentation is much easier, based on client purchasing patterns, purchasing ability and other considerations such as place, gender, age, etc. Information like contact details, demographics, transaction history and online activity with tags and filters is readily obtainable.

Bring sales and marketing together: Marketing offers and leads to new sales opportunities. Both divisions can share contacts, deals and perspectives that rapidly follow the sales cycle.

Make precise sales predictions:With a clear sales pipeline as supplied by CRM, it is easier to comprehend and evaluate operations and tasks. This provides you the chance to forecast trends.

Keep track of social postings for customers:You can control the social media pages from one location so that you can respond quickly to customer praises and brand names.

Components of Customer Relationship Management

1.       Salesfundaa Automation: It includes an extensive sales automation tool that helps increase the sales, productivity and effectiveness by using real-time information. It provides a 360-degree view of each potential client with prior interests and priorities.

2.       Lead Management:The first stage in customer acquisition is lead management. This is the method your business first participates in and interacts with your customer at a point where he is just a prospective buyer. Well, your business will focus on the tactics that work and lead in the correct direction. Moreover, this technique allows you to monitor leads efficiently and can clinch most of your winning deals.

3.       Marketing: One of the most significant components in CRM System is the promotional activity taken up by an organization to promote its products. List management, campaign management, activity management, document management, call management, mass emails and reporting are some of the most significant marketing elements.

4.       Workflow Automation:Not only does it reduce the excess expenditure; it also prevents different people from repeating a particular task by reducing the work.

5.       Analytics:Analytics is a very significant element of customer relationship management to calculate business progress because it allows a thorough study of the information required to calculate.


How CRM Software can contribute to increased revenue and cost control

1.       Improving customer satisfaction:Since the majority of interactions with customers can be organized and systematically carried out with CRM, your company can create a stronger experience and customer relationship. This enables for greater satisfaction and loyalty to customers.

2.       Create a stronger and more oriented marketing strategy:CRM software in India helps to maintain centralized data, specifications and purchases of your current customers. This database is available to a marketing team, which can define and develop a marketing strategy accordingly, not only its prospective customers.

3.       Better timing and planning of activities: CRM Software provides scheduling and calendar functionality. This facility can be used to identify the required objective, plan for days, and assign duties to team members. This contributes to effectiveness, time optimization and profit maximization outcomes.

4.       Mobile applications:Mobile CRM applications provide different features such as creating, viewing, updating and deleting records. E-mails via CRM can be sent and communications made to contacts and leads can be easily recorded.

5.       Alerts:CRM enables the management of particular measures such as lead generation, lead qualification, etc. to send alarm e-mails. Such warnings could include the latest communication, a fresh memorandum, etc. This organizes marketing and ensures the proper sending of all reminders and guidelines.

6.       Automated Marketing:Automated marketing enables you to enhance your marketing return by receiving data in real-time about what approach works and what does not.

7.       Online Customer service: CRM solutions in India allow you to connect to your customers through the internet, social chat and mobile channels of your choice with the complete range of multichannel services. You can also minimize service reaction time with the internet client support scheme, boost case resolution and enhance client service through a strong knowledge base. Your customers may use the Service Cloud feature to make services available on all devices, anytime, anywhere.

Latest trends in CRM software in India


Social CRM Software : Socially active customer service desks considerably enhance customer retention and loyalty.

The fast growth of Cloud CRM: More industries are now opting for cloud CRM solutions. These solutions are versatile, commonly updated and easily retained in relation to affordable pricing.

Monday 22 July 2019