Now automate your manufacturing process  by  upgrading  to CRM.   Are you even aware of the possibilities?

       Manufacturing process may  differ  and depend largely on nature of business.   So CRM software is customized to meet the requirements of  your business.

       So who requires a customised CRM?

        If your  manufacturing process  is  deals with chemical manufacturing,  food cpg manufacturing, Pharma and life sciences manufacturing  then you are a  process manufacturer  who  expect simplified sales, service and support processes.   CRM software help in coping with  changing customer demands, while still adhering to strict industry regulations and fluctuating resource constraints.  


        And  if you are into  discrete manufacturing like building product manufacturing or  Industrial Goods manufacturing then you may need  help building products   or tackle seasonal demand planning.   You may also need to overcome volatile raw material markets, excel at lean manufacturing and meet regulatory requirements.  And at the same time improve your sales,  service and support efforts . 

You may also be into Hybrid Manufacturing  like a Medical Device Manufacturer.

     So you require a CRM software that  enable  manufacturers across sub-industries in better production planning, create end-to end operation enhancements and redefine their sales,  service and support processes.

     Due to a Global Market scenario  all manufacturing industry is becoming   customer centric, instead of product centric.  They  are bound to carry their process according to the needs & demands of the target customer, if they want to survive.  Moreover it is the only alternate to maintain your revenue cycle.  To meet all types of global challenges, they are implementing Manufacturing CRM

        CRM software  can help create accurate sales predictions.   First, it finds the buying patterns of each customer, such as peak times and down times. Then it finds the longer-term trends, such as year-over-year sales increases or decreases.   Finally, it takes all of this into account and creates accurate sales predictions that you can use for future planning.   Better Planning for the Future .

      After all,  you base what you produce on what you sell.  If you don’t know what you think you’ll  sell, production planning becomes a string of wild shots in the dark.  But by using sales predictions, which include the amounts of each product ordered and when they were ordered,  you can create a detailed production plan of how much of each product you should make  and when.

      Those sales predictions have a trickle down effect.   They not only enable  production planning but   in turn help budgeting.   When you have a detailed production plan laid out you can have an insight into a  budget based on the corresponding production costs.  Which means effective  planning in  terms of  future hires,  equipment upgrades and more. 

     But as manufacturing process may differ  and depend largely on nature of business  so CRM software can be customized to meet the requirements of  your business.

        By integrating CRM with your ERP solution your  CRM software can have a  built-in process manufacturing functionality.  This helps to deliver  a new focus that accurately assesses likely demands  of every customer, during a sales period that is matched to your production output.


        These kind of CRM software require process training and continued  support for CRM solution and outlook and day-to-day issues.

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Wednesday 21 February 2018