Clinical software is user friendly software designed to record the details of the patients who visit for physiotherapy. This is a cloud-based software which maintains electronic health records of the patient, billing of the patient, financial analytics and business intelligent reports which work together to automate all clinics workflow.


Clinic software is a complete medical solution across the globe with variety of medical specialties. Clinic software is a cloud-based online self-scheduling, and online registration which manages queue solutions for urgent care clinics, outpatient laboratory clinics, and primary/specialty care clinics.


Clinic software is a web-based medical billing and practice management solution used by medical practitioners and physicians all over India. To that effect, Clinic software is unique, and the pricing is cost effective helps practices budget and manage the cost of overall profit and loss of the clinic.


Integrated workflows of clinic software automate the patients journey to clinic and gives good experience to patient by enabling self-scheduling onsite or telephonic appointments. Reminders are also sent by the staff via text or email to notify of patient appointments. Consent form is very important form filled by the patient for the consent of the treatment taken by them. These consent forms are sent through a patient portal and automatically uploaded in the software.


Clinic software is a cloud platform provides the client with the remote access and the highest levels of data security. Patients can access it anytime and anywhere simply by downloading the android app for the software. This software gives patients the access for personal details, consent form, appointment and fee details and the rest access with the client for checking the profitability of the clinic, daily and monthly amount collected as revenue by the clinic that is maintaining online cashbook, to track where the expenses are done.

Clinic software allow clinics to manage reputation of the clinics brand, customer retention, and improves their online presence with automatic SMS-based patient surveys after every visit. Content and timing of text messages can be customized for real-time performance and satisfaction feedback, and for patient follow-up tracking.

Clinic software system suits clinics as, the online presence is felt through automatic SMS-based survey after every visit. The Content and timing of text messages can be customized for real-time performance and feedback, follow up of patient by tracking. This practice can schedule patients online, confirm insurance, manage accounts and the collections process, record patient documents, develop customized reports and many more.

This software solution provides sets benchmark and reports for clinic visibility into performance and trends.  The software is designed with simple and readily recognizable icons that bring clarity and efficiency for the workflow system.

Clinic software comes with a complimentary Patient portal that allows patients to access their data securely regarding view visit summaries, invoices, consent forms, sign forms, schedule appointments and more. Custom phone, email, or text message reminders help Practices provide timely and quality Patient care.

You will feel at home with the best clinic software as it is user-friendly cloud-based software with easy accessibility and offer expert support via email, chat and phone by trained Support specialists.

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Saturday 03 October 2020