CRM & ERP software both play a significant role to increase the efficiency and profitability of the business, but the core functionalities differ from each other making themselves as standalone software. These systems overlap in certain areas but can be integrated in each other.

So, let us first understand what a CRM and ERP software’s are 

CRM is a customer relationship management software which empowers your business and help you to get connected with your client within seconds and thereby increases efficiency and profitability of the business. CRM is a cloud-based software and one of the best user-friendly software which automates your business task of marketing, sales and service designed to identify your current and potential leads, prospect and client and maintains relationships and guide them for closure of business process. Thus, CRM helps to manage customers by building good rapport which in turn increases cash inflows by repeat business by simplifying sales process. Feedback of customers gives us cope of improvement of product followed by retention of loyal customers.

CRM helps to manage customer relation by organizing marketing effort, manage sales funnel, helps in closing deals and streamlines all your business processes. CRM software is also called a front-office tool which is used by employees in departments such as sales marketing and service to increase revenue through an improvement in customer experience. The common functions of CRM is contact management, tracking of clients communication history, database management, marketing management and lead management.

ERP means Entrepreneur resource planning it helps to manage business and the ERP software focuses on reducing the cost of the company and saving both time and money. It helps to manage all the back-end activities and business tasks of the office in smoother manner. It manages process of distribution, supply chain management, and improves the financial data. It manages the human resource that is employee cycle by managing employee attendance, analyzing employee performance, salary reports etc. ERP helps in project planning

 ERP software is designed to streamline all your business operations as interconnected management of specific business processes. as it is integrated and implemented across all the departments

ERP (enterprise resource planning) software contains module for different business processes such as finance, HR, inventory management and distribution. By integrating these processes, in the software the goal is to streamline operations and to centralize information. These ERP systems can be configurable and allow users to add modules as per the business needs.

ERP software contains tools for handling frontend- and back- along with clear and smoother internal communication and data exchange along with automation of tasks.

 The CRM or ERP software that is best suitable for your business should be your right choice and it completely depends on the scope of your needs and the amount of investment that you’re willing to make for better results.

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Wednesday 23 September 2020