Small Enterprises typically  make a mistake because they think 50 inquiries a day and roughly 20 customers to attend can be managed in excel without any trouble.  Eventually as the business grows and more and more inquiries add up to 200 inquiries a month having a reliable management system becomes inevitable.  Salesfundaa CRM software system supports a systematic methodology  to record and update sales information and it is an indispensable management tool even if you are a start- up.   

Let’s look at enquiry statistics for 20 leads a day.  Even if they are a few as that  you still need to know how the lead interact with your business, what are the sources they come from, which pages they have visited on your website, who has contacted them, what emails have been sent and the status of the leads. That is roughly 10 activities per lead. For 20 leads, that is 200 activities.   As your business expands, the number of leads would increase to 50-100 and the number of activities would be 5,000-10,000. This can trigger trouble if you don’t have a reliable system to put things in place from the beginning.   The Chaos adds up to a dismantled enterprise going towards down time.

Problem areas in your enterprise are :


For Customer Service:

  • inability to fulfill customer demands

  • decreases in customer satisfaction

  • increasing response times

  • declining customer loyalty

  • inability to hire skilled labor

For Administration:

  • inability to hire and maintain qualified staff

  • inability to reduce administrative costs

For Finance:

  • lack of timely and accurate forecasting

  • cash flow problems

  • declining ROI

  • declining margins

  • eroding operating profits

For Marketing:

  • inability to track marketing campaign results

  • poor lead tracking

  • inability to drive high quality leads

  • losses in market visibility and exposure


For Sales:

  • decreasing revenue

  • increasing selling expenses

  • missed growth goals

  • inaccurate forecasting

For Operations:

  • increasing operating cost and expenses

  • inconsistent quality

  • increases in cost of goods

  • inability to meet current customer demands

  • inability to consistently reach productivity goals

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Friday 25 May 2018