Salesfundaa Real Estate software  is a cloud based comprehensive, modular, scalable Estate Agent Management System that is designed to integrate & automate the Real Estate Agent Business. The functionalities included in the  software facilitate smooth and controlled operation of Estate agent’s daily business operations and enhance productivity.

Salesfundaa Real Estate software provides Estate Agent Management System and Real Estate Agent Software solutions for real estate brokers and real estate agents

Salesfundaa Real Estate software   has been enhancing the real estate market over the last few years.
It  assists  in reducing enterprise costs and improves project efficiency.  Manage the customers of your Real Estate business and the properties with extensive customization.   Handles all the aspects of a Real Estate project process like project planning, site selection, construction, budget planning,etc. 

By using Salesfundaa Real Estate software  agents can expand their business by reaching out to innumerable audience including buyers, property owners and agents.

It comes with seamless  integration and customization to give its user the ultimate experience of the real estate boom.

It gives a unique bifurcation of the customer data base into lead and enquiries and is a store house of property database.  Beyond that it comes with accountability for sale and purchase of property and also invoicing and payments for the same. It  is capable of managing inventory and project management. 

Project Management is the module, which gives the estimated budget of the project. All the project information will be provided including requirements, approval, budgets and suppliers. It has the functionality of managing projects with budgeting. Starting from planning to construction phases and project approval, this module will manage the project estimates.  Helps you deliver projects on time and within the estimated budget. 

Calculate payments related to rental chargers, services, maintenance, products and supplies. Through this module you can easily and meticulously create construction estimates and its accurate reports.   It also provides the most accurate estimates according to your specific needs to gain true control of your estimating, scheduling and much more. It easily lets you create estimates and save your time. One of its important feature is Human Resource management as this cannot be ruled out.

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Wednesday 28 March 2018