New technology is required  in finding, segmenting, managing and finally satisfying customers. Finding cross-selling and up selling opportunities is another huge challenge.   Distinguishing services is what customers look for and they do not mind paying a premium for the same.

Salesfundaa Real Estate CRM software for this industry sector facilitates change, since it possesses the agility which is necessary to meet the changing customer and industry requirements. It increases customer loyalty and helps fulfill the informed customer’s expectations.

Every project stands apart from another in terms of location, features, price, services provided, after sales and so on. It is therefore important that the uniqueness of each project is highlighted and make evident why it is worth investing in a particular property. This has to be achieved by positioning the differentiators in a convincing manner. The smartest solution to all the above issues is most understandably Salesfundaa Real Estate CRM software


Salesfundaa Real Estate CRM software  has the agility which is necessary to meet the changing customer and industry requirements.  It increases customer loyalty and facilitates change which is associated with the informed customer’s expectations.

Like any other CRM Salesfundaa Real Estate CRM software is an approach that helps to transform as well as integrate people, business processes, functions and technology in order to optimize relationships with all types of customers that the organization comes in contact with.  Sales and marketing functions are better managed and executed by providing guidance in lead generation, lead management, and retention of existing customers

Effective Communication: Salesfundaa Real Estate CRM software facilitates structured sales process which is deemed vital by providing companies with several tools and mechanisms needed for effective communication management with prospects.  

Customer Segmentation: Salesfundaa Real Estate CRM software facilitates segmentation which allows companies to focus and cater to the particular preferences and needs of each group.  This further enables the implementation of effective campaigning by targeting the selected groups and leads to comprehensive planning and budgeting instead of  targeting one big heterogeneous group, having smaller, specific groups in order to increase overall productivity & maximize ROI.



Manage Long Sales Cycles:   CRM helps to  track, analyze follow up and utilise effectively interactions that are a result of the sales life cycle.  These are often useful in deciding the best plan of action to convert the lead to customer. Such sensitive data can be properly managed thru a Salesfundaa Real Estate CRM software

Document management: Salesfundaa Real Estate CRM software document creation and management tools make document handling and management easy, leading to better organizing of all kinds of important data. The system helps centralize documents vital to the real estate sales and closing process. Salespeople and other key users can then create contracts and other documents for each transaction. The most dramatic benefits are seen for companies operating multiple property sites.  

Property administration: Only a  web-based site administration tool could make it easy to create and manage each property in the company’s portfolio, from basic address information to floor plans, upgrading of packages and status details of each unit in the property.  This is a crucial step to automating sales process.

Market Intelligence: It provides real time pricing and inventory information, thus helping to optimize prices, maximize profits, and capture potential lost revenues.

Call Salesfundaa CRM for Real Estates to  improve service operations, increase up selling by capturing, tracking and resolving issues in a unified system.

Thursday 31 May 2018