COVID 19 has brought digital transformation so remote working is the need of the hour. Remote working is an effective strategy for new startups, small businesses and even big organization as it brings connectivity. Remote working enables employers in the recruitment of talented and loyal employees as many of them are looking for the flexibility of work. This article explains how remote working increases the productivity of the employees and profit of the company.

1. Remote working helps achieve work-life balance

Earlier working from offices means starting the day struggling a lot by commuting either by bus, train or car to reach office. After exhaustion in travelling, need to manage office workload and when you reach home back there are other sets of family responsibilities. Sometimes you miss on important events as you cannot manage time which you needed for your child’s school meeting or Appointment with a doctor, Participation in important family decisions that means personal life was affected but Work from Home has created balance in work and home life by saving your precious time. Because it is rightly said, “Time is Money”. You feel relaxed as commuting time is saved and work more efficiently giving better productivity to the company.

You do not have a need to schedule medical appointments before or after work or take a leave or miss out on important meeting or event at their children’s schools because of the office’s scheduled meeting where physical the presence was mandatory.

Employees can balance both professional and personal life, without having to compromise on one of them thereby creating loyal employees.

 2. Remote working helps employees to pursue their passion

Our workforces are extremely passionate but due to long hours of commute and hectic schedule, they were left out with no time to pursue their passion. Some of them are extremely passionate about photography, singing, dancing, gardening and the list continues. Remote working is a boon as it enables the employee to pursue his or her passion simultaneously by working from the comfort of home. A happy and content employee helps to create a loyal workforce

Especially female employees have to commute for work, shoulder office responsibilities and return home to make dinner or take care of kids and family with no time left out for their rest, hobbies and passion.

Remote working has become a boon as it enables employees to work from the comfort of their home and simultaneously pursue their passion. Since they are financially secure and can do whatever they love so they don’t look out for opportunities elsewhere. Remote working rejuvenates the employees and helps create a loyal workforce.

3. Remote working saves travelling time

Many employees are happy and content as they do not need to commute daily facing difficulties while reaching office. Earlier travelling to the office daily posed many health risks and air pollution as you were travelling through a car, a bus or train. Sometimes you were late so you are were not able to eat food on time. Later this led to deteriorating health over a period of time causing, lack of sleep, depression, obesity, and many more problems. Here Remote working is wonderful as employees are able to start the day early by saving commuting time and work the whole day in a relaxed mood.

 4. Remote working makes you feel appreciated

Some employers started making remote working policy to monitor the performance of the employees as they feel that the employees who are not in front of them might not work honestly but it’s not the case because employees are working from the comfort of home, saving commuting time and also they are able to pursue their hobbies and interest so they are more content and are more productivity for the organization.

Employees are now telecommuting means making using of internet tools and online communication from home so they have a feeling that the employer trust them and they make sure that meet their deadlines. As the employers do not manage them on a continual basis they feel appreciated and focus on quality result oriented work and make them feel like a respected team member and increases loyalty.

5. Remote working saves time and money

Traditional office system involved travelling to the office on daily basis but today if we look back and calculate  we had spent a lot of time and money travelling , purchase office wears, spending on lunch, hoteling cost while returning home so one-fourth of our salary was already spent. But due to digital transformation, remote working has cut down all the unnecessary cost and we are able to save more and can reinvest the same.

Employees are able to save in many ways to follow their passion, to save for their kid’s education, save for medical expenses or save for crisis .So they are more grateful to remote working as they can balance home and office life and so they turn loyal.

Remote working with the help of Videoconferencing and online tools has managed us to survive in crisis time so it is a boon to us.

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Saturday 18 July 2020