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Project Management

If you are looking for a software  to assist you with streamlining your construction project processes and to ensure that your project is completed on time Salesfundaa Project Management has the answer.  Salesfundaa CRM Software with Project Management  can expend and prevent cost overruns along with tracking project tasks progress and also manage all critical paths.  It also helps you on task management across multi-project so you can save more effort and time.


On  construction sites today, it is common to see technology being used for reporting, scheduling and planning, sharing of photos and a great deal more. The process of bidding can  even be streamlined with electronic processes being used for receiving plans, agenda and submittals.

The use of Salesfundaa CRM Software with Project Management which is a  simple and intuitive CRM software that can help the construction firm keep customer data organized and retrievable.  It can completely eliminate the use of hectic paper folders and files that may otherwise cause disorganization in small construction firms, resulting in , slow customer service and diminished customer satisfaction.

The Salesfundaa CRM Software with project management  for construction comes  with dashboards, analytics and reporting tools for providing businesses with comprehensive information on all operations.

Salesfundaa CRM Software for construction business  automates almost all processes in the construction industry. The tools allow users to write contracts, track sales, manage warranties and monitor relationships.


The implementation of Salesfundaa CRM Software with project management for construction  allows for synchronization of critical data and allows to meet deadlines in all tasks and importantly eliminates guesswork, this way the contractors will always be on schedule and aware of important tasks to be done.

Salesfundaa CRM Software with project management  for construction firms helps small businesses to collect, organize and retrieve information on buyer patterns, preferences and trends. This enables them when launching new products, they  can simply contact their clients who are most likely to buy the products instead of running expensive adverts.

Salesfundaa CRM Software with project management  for construction firms helps in keeping all your tasks, data, and customer information in one easily accessible and manageable place which will streamline all your functions and make your business more efficient and profitable.

Every project  has a different nature and business process dynamics and that is the deriving factor for basics in project management  so customisation cannot be ruled out.

Streamlining process includes

Pre-sales Process


Presales Process allows you to generate customer quote information that include task items and expire date and allows to manage  quotes and presales information


Project Management

This module allows to generate your projects list, with project budget, tasks list, payment, expenses, time billing and project Bill of Material (BOM) feature. You can use it to give you a required list of Material (RBOM ), the total whole project cost automatically and help you monitoring if it is over the original budget.

You can also Manage project critical path by using employee task schedule and Manage your business documents and generate gst enabled documentation.

Generate the progress status bar makes more convenient  for you to review your tasks progressing.

Generate the employee's work order tasks schedule reports to help you understand current projects and task Managing project review and claim case follow up.

CRM Features integration

Creating a customer's database for your customer management, it will record all your customers' information and contacts and you can review it by the name or phone book any time you want.

The Salesfundaa CRM Software will help you generate the billing invoice to your customer based on the project information. And it will save all the information on a centralised  database for your records and facilitate multiuser Access. It will help you to generate the Project Contract Documents and Labor and parts Warranty document for each project that you have done.


Company Administration

You can generate your employee payroll report per project.  You can generate material vendors database with vendor's product price, lead time and products price.  Compare sheet report Manage and monitor your current financial information by using the income statement and expenses reports.   You can record all your business reference information on the database.


Cloud Access From Anywhere

Your employee can access this construction project management software from the site office or site location.  They don't need to call you or come back to office for updation of their daily progress and report the issues.   They can access this construction project management software through their smartphone device from their working field .

Salesfundaa CRM Software with project management  for construction firms is cloud -based and has an  anywhere access feature.

It does not need  MS Access software installed on tablet or smartphone.

The Salesfundaa   Projects Management Software for construction has been developed to be a simple user interface but with powerful and flexible construction projects management software solution. When you start a construction project order, you need to input the project information, include the customer information, tasks information, project BOM information, timing information as per your business needs.  

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Wednesday 23 May 2018