Success of the companies depends upon the business Strategy, they follow.Firstly they Need to find right CRM software to fulfill organization requirements and implement the same, if they are already using CRM they need to find a right CRM with better features secondly they need to explore more and more business opportunities through it,as CRM is as an tool that simplifies your work and increases sales and productivity

With a well-managed Client Database, Automated follow-ups, Auto Wishes ,Accurate Sales Forecast and a well overview over sales statistics with dynamic reporting features, CRM Software’s have become extremely popular.

CRMcustomer relationship management—is business software that helps individuals and teams and organisations for better customer communications and sales efforts. Also it streamlines sales team to meet their sales target by closing deals in sales pipeline by automated task of preparing quotes thereby reducing the cost of the company and increasing sales revenue.

Choosing right CRM is the key to business success.Here are some of the ways how SalesFundaa CRM software helps you to increase sales for your organization.

1.    Increase revenue by managing better relationships with clients

Sales is very important to sustain in the business and a company that uses proper business strategy for sales-succeeds in business and makes money. The key aspect in sales is interaction with the client  as  rationalization helps to actually to convey the message about the company’s products, quality of the product, sales and services offered regarding the product .Use your CRM to know your Customers and pitch them better Also, wish them on birthdays and anniversary to build good rapport with them. SalesFundaa Auto birthday and Anniversary messages helps the sales team to build good relations with the client. Sales teams must find ways how they can interact with their-clients, contacts: phone, email, social media, face-to-face, text, direct mailer, online chats,whatsapp and more. Efficiency into the sales process means saving your valuable time and money. Handle your customers in a better ways be available for them whenever they need you and instantly solve their queries.

SalesFundaa  CRM software helps to manage the contacts by adding entire contact details regarding them, sending messages, maintaining client history,setting reminders and schedule meetings.



2.    Manage and priorities-leads for better results

Manage your leads, nurture them and keep a lead scoring module to increase salesCRM helpsmaintain personalized interactions with leads and clients.And also provides more targeted lead nurturing and lead scoring so that you know what leads to focus within time to increase business.

3.    Enjoy maintaining contact database in one place


CRM helps sales team to safely store their contacts, sales opportunities activities and scheduled plans in one place and with seamless access to the database from any location. Data is safe and secured and automated.No need of maintaining primitive methods of storing contacts in registers rather you can retrieve data whenever you require


4.    Know what your customers really want


Since all the customer-related data is stored in CRM, it helps sales people to analyze the needs of customers and even find right resolution of their problems immediately.This increases customer satisfaction and ensures loyalty, they renew the software and you yield higher profit margins.



5.    CRM software helps to manage customer reports

SalesFundaa CRM helps sales people to easily prepare their weekly or monthly reports for management. Reports are the basis of major business decisions. The process is automated, transparent and simple. They are downloaded within a click


6.    CRM software helps to tracks new sale within time.

CRM helps sales people to identify what exactly the customers’ needs and when to contact them. E.g. when product replacement is near,renewal of contract, or for an up-sell to a new product or service, cross sells or rewards a customer. This all increases your chances of closing a deal.It helps in tracking all communication with the customers

7.    CRM cut down on admin tasks

CRM frees the sales teams from the majority of admin tasks by reducing and repetitive actions that take a lot of time. CRM stores product and price details, set reminders for activities, schedule meeting and takes sales people through the channel of sales pipeline step by step

8.    CRM software saves money

Investment in CRM comes with some cost to management, but they actually help you save your money!You can generate quotes within a click of seconds through system thereby reducing chances of human error and maintaining all records.Order processing and quote management is automated task, this saves time and cost of the company,

9.    Rationalize your sales moves

CRM helps streamline the entire sales cycle, which results in closing deals in your sales pipeline and helps sales team to meet targets faster. Processing the orders and preparing quotes is automated task in CRM, so helps management to reduce in production costs and increase sales revenue.

Finally, CRM enhances sales people’s mobility, as the database and all your work-related activities can be accessed on multiple devices iPod andmobiles from different locations.

10. CRM keeps your data safe

Many small businesses handle their client database themselves through spreadsheets. Spreadsheets have many functions but when it comes to your-precious client data, there can be accidental data loss due to accidental deletion, data stealing, hardware storage crash or damage.

With a SalesFundaa CRM database, the data is safe from outside hackers and casual mistakes.

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Thursday 25 June 2020