How to assess your process for working remotely?


Due to COVID 19 global pandemic, we are forced to work remotely. Some of the companies are already techno-savvy so the system is in place for them whereas some companies have to implement new technology and test how the process works.


Whether you are working from home or office, everything is automated so it’s the need of the hour to evaluate how the office the process is and how the employees are performing.


How to check the effectiveness of your process is to question yourself.


1) Whether you have the right communication process?


 t is the old saying that “Communication is the key to every problem”. Good communication channel helps to get the not only helps work done but also have good feelings towards the communicator.


            Every business requires good communication tools like instant messaging, email,   screen sharing, chat programs, video conferencing, Google drive also a clear process for what purpose it is used. Whatsapp app is used for instant messaging in many companies for office purposes. It is a free app for Mobile Laptop and desktop PC which allows you to send instant messages, photos, videos, and even voice recordings, for free audio and video calls over the internet other than mobile which cost you. Video conferencing is better for client meetings and discussions that require some back and forth. Email is used as a means of interoffice communication when there is no urgency. Email is a free and quick online tool accessible from anywhere with the help of the internet and allows sending messages and files for communication purposes. Live chat sessions facilitate the business owners to conduct on client meetings, training, and taking feedback of customers by cutting down travel costs. Video conferencing is used to conduct live audio and video communication session in presence of many users irrespective of their location.

            If the communication tools of your organization are not in place or complicated  the remote employees won’t be able to stay connected with the team members and clients.


 2)         Whether you conduct regular training?


The training process is very important for imparting knowledge to the employees. Now, employees must be well acquainted with the training tools. You can conduct online training by providing learning material, video conferencing

            You can achieve this by sending learning materials, short videos, and holding videoconferencing. Working from home gives you the feeling of isolation, but such an online meeting keeps you in touch with colleagues and makes you feel like a part of the organization.


3)         Whether the workflow is automated?



            The paperwork is inefficient and time-consuming with inaccuracies and so automated workflow systems helps to eliminate manual tasks access many people at a time. Design and automate workflows to address these office issues.      SalesFundaa   CRM is user-friendly software which will help you to automate business transaction.


4)         What is the feedback of the client?


            It is very important to evaluate the client's experience for the services provided to him remotely. Whether they are happy with the product demo, whether happy with the current product, taking their feedback to improve our product, provide good customer service, whether there is the security of the product. The remote team must interact with the client through WhatsApp, video conferencing, or live chats.

Feedback from the client is an opportunity to speed up learning and improvement.


5)         Are your employees working securely?


            The IT admin of the companies must provide security to the clients as well as employees and ensure that there is the privacy of sensitive data. The confidential information of the company must be safe and secure; you must always lock the screen as you go away.


            Always rethink what you are sharing with the customers. Use a separate network for yourself and your kid. If your is network seems slow, always monitor bandwidth and see whether who is using it. 

Wednesday 15 July 2020