If you’re starting any business it is important for you to know that money is the outcome of proper business so, to continue the flow of money it needs that you run the business whether from home or office irrespective of the hurdles. Work from home is currently implemented by many business ownersall over India and abroad. Growth of business is in your hands and you should put your heart in it.

All team members in the organization must take into consideration following below mentioned points for business growth and productivity.


Executing a proper business plan makes futurebusiness decisions easier in near future.For business growth reaching new clients, increasing networking and making sales is needed.Bringing business in next level needs huge effortsso start evaluating whether the company is financially sound, how is the performance of the team members, how much fund is there in case of emergency,what are the marketing efforts taken for increasing sales, analyzing the current business strategies implemented for the organization and what strategies needs to be changed. After evaluation of these aspects,you can get an idea where you are shortcomings and strategies to be followed to overcome the shortcomings.

You need to consider these points for your business plan.

•      Finding  potential problems and solve them

•      Setting out your goals

•      Analyzing the progress of the business

•      Analyzing  the performance of the business

2. Training

It is important to train the team members; we must focus on which training to be given for each team member for improving the productivity of business.

Proper and regular training helps the employee stay motivated and stay updated with the latest skills and technologies.

“Managing employees online is managing them one to one interaction in office,so training helps teach managers how to support their team better and bring productivity.

2.Prepare an action plan in advance

Proper execution of a business plan helps in the success of many businesses. So plan important strategies for business growth and implement them for better results and productivity.

4. Give flexibility of time

Flexible working hours and remote working initiatives boost employee morale, and thereby increase flexibility. Flexibility in work time has reported higher work satisfaction among the employees;also they take less sick leaves. Working from home means no problem of commuting to office thereby saving on energy and time, which can be used otherwise effectively for increasing business productivity.

5.Implement latest time-saving technologies

To work effectively from home, you need to have the latest technology to stay connected with team members and proper internal office coordination and communication.

The latest technologies help to save time and money. Whatapp group helps to for group chatting with team members, whereas Skype allows free calling anywhere in the world, thus you can stay connected with the clients irrespective of their location. Zoom for video conferencing, conducting online meetings.






Thursday 03 September 2020