How to improve Team Productivity while Remote Working?

COVID-19 crisis has transformed the real world to the virtual world and remote work is done globally compelling companies to innovate and implement new ideas and ways of doing business. In this crisis, the biggest challenge for the managers is to monitor the daily routine of their team members so that is productive.

1. Formulate policies

To boost team productivity, you must keep that in mind and formulate policies that apply equally to all as this creates responsibility in the employee’s minds that everyone is treated equally.

2. Flexible working hours

Focus on flexible working hours to boost employee productivity while working from home, as this facilitates them to work whenever they feel the most productive but keep the target of the day.

3. Use appropriate communication tools

Remote working done with appropriate communication channels will enhance productivity. So use  Skype for video conferencing video and sessions with teams, send real-time messages to team members through Whatsapp, use google doc as a collaboration tool and Google Drive to allow your teams for storing, sharing, and accessing large data in the form of PDFs, pictures, audio, and video files.

4. Use performance management tools

While working from home, some employees sometimes are not serious about work so it is important to evaluate the performance of the team member. So keep track of what the employee is currently working on and give a detailed description of work in the pipeline.

5. Appreciate the team

Remote working is a new concept so managers may have to deal with a new kind of employee behavior. It is important to give credit to employees who are going extra mile for the work as appreciation helps to boost team productivity.

6. Equip your team with tech and productivity tools

For a successful team, while working remotely is to equipping teams with new technologies  get them tools to help them stay connected and productive. These include project management tracking apps, chat/messaging apps, and video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Google Hangouts.

7. Establish daily check-ins

Since face to face communication with employees during meetings and office breaks are the things of past, a morning sing in the video chat, phone call, or instant message can create a sense of responsibility.

8. Encourage employees for dedicated workspaces

Many regular office workers have never needed dedicated workspace in their homes, but if they are now regularly working from home, managers should encourage the creation of home offices as it can help free employees from the normal distractions from home life.

9. Provide emotional support for mental fitness

As working from home can contribute to loneliness and negative emotions, as there is no one around so the seniors should do what they can provide emotional support to employees. In a fully remote work setup, managers should also be more available online on instant messaging apps throughout the day to help subordinates and also guide employees to exercise, get quality sleep and practice yoga for good health.

10. Dress up in office code

Dressing up for yourself while working from home makes gives you an office feel and makes.  Dressing appropriately makes you feel food in an online video conference with clients after all presentation matters.

11. Focus on Team building

It is very important for Managers to facilitate communication among remote workers by discussing regarding latest news and hobbies, to relieve stress-free.  Eg Manages can practice virtual team-building exercises to create a good rapport and build bridges between employees.



Saturday 11 July 2020