Businesses across the world are suffering an economic crisis due to the COVID pandemic. Though this is not the first pandemic that the world is going through, this is certainly the first of its kind. This article discusses how sales teams can learn how to drive business growth during the crisis.

1. No performance decision on the basis of the sales report.

Business is completely affected during a pandemic and no sales happening as the sales team is not able to have face-to-face communication with the clients  and they have to solely rely on virtual It is difficult to analyze the team    productivity so they decide on basis of sales report but SalesFundaa CRM is user friendly and extremely helpful as it provides a ready-made  dashboard that monitors the performance of the team members and helps in tracking new leads and handles sales effectively.    

2. Meeting customer requirements

Identifying and fulfilling a consumer need is always a sure way to increase business. Giving consumers an incentive, especially something that is essential and scarce, can give them the push they need to make a purchase a win-win for both the brand and the consumer.

3. Giving Customers What They Want

Identifying and fulfilling a consumer requirement by proper customer service is always a good way to increase business. Giving consumers an incentive and rewards or promo codes can help to push the sales and it is beneficial to both brand and customer.

 4. Go for Partnerships

“There's been so much loss to small businesses, due to the COVID crisis and the only way to generate revenue is through online business. In such a situation if  you go for partnership this allows both the partners to support each other, during this crisis phase and also introduce each other's customer base.

5. Making Personal Connections

   “Normally many businesses rely on outdoor events or activities. With so many business activities being canceled due to lockdown there is uncertainty about the future to everyone. We must conduct online sessions over zoom to give us a chance to make personal connections and promote our product.

6. Clear communication within the organization

A crisis situation is an excellent way to test the employees set up an online meeting and be very transparent about the situation of the business. Instead of getting panicked due to crisis implement new ideas and change the way of marketing. Clear communication among the employees creates trust among each other. Now many businesses lack liquidity so they cannot invest much in business promotion. So they have to think of an alternative cost-effective marketing approach which will increase sales

7. Build better business relationships to be active on social media.

Keep new and existing customers informed of current offerings through regular messaging. Wish them on birthdays and anniversary to be in touch and build better relationships. Remind them that you are offering innovative products. Let them be informed about delays if any and thank them for the support. Be active on social media.

            Build and maintain relationships with customers through online sessions and work on the feedback given by them through live chats. One happy customer brings many customers along with him.


Tuesday 14 July 2020