An enquiry is the most prominent source of business instigation.

An Enquiry Is Not A Lead there is a difference

An enquiry is simply people who are interested in getting educated on how to solve a problem.  One has  to figure out how many of those inquiries can  become leads  to pass on  to sales.

A lead is a qualified business opportunity. The only way to know whether an inquiry is a qualified business opportunity is to ask them.  You must place a call and find out if they have the Budget, Authority, Need, and a specific Timeframe for solving their problem.

Salesfundaa CRM software is nothing but an organized way of managing sales enquiries in an organization.  It bifurcates between leads and inquiries.

Salesfundaa CRM software is an automatic management of the complete system of receiving an enquiry and dealing with it.  In order to enhance business one must implement  Salesfundaa CRM software tactfully. 

An organization can receive an enquiry in various forms. It can be in the form of

* Enquiry form on the company’s website
* Telephone Enquiry
* E-mail
* Direct entry of client

Despite deploying high profile and expensive modes to receive inquiries the deal is lost.

Research shows that as much as 71% of inquiries are completely  lost.  And 36% are  never followed up on.

Inquiries  get lost for a number of reasons, depending on what type of business or industry you’re in. Some potential lost reasons are that sometimes the person you called tells you, “I just don’t need your product, sorry.”  Sometimes you have placed the call at the wrong time and you hear, “Now’s not a good time for us. Maybe next year?” Many a times you can also hear “Your product is waaayyy too expensive for my budget. We’ll have to go to your more reasonably priced competitors.” or “I like your product, but I think your competitor’s version offers more for us.” also “Your product is mostly great, but there are a couple of features we really need from this that you don’t offer.”  and “Your product and company sound great…but I’m not remotely interested. Why are you talking to me at all?”

So an undefeated sales rep is a myth.  There is really not anyone who has never experienced the bitterness that comes when a prospective customer tells you,  “No thanks.”


       Here Analysis is the key.  The reason that  sales managers should analyse  reasons for lost inquiry is to determine the next course of action  to better guide the sales team going forward.   Then rank the  lost reasons in descending order from the ones that crop up the most frequently. If there is one, or a handful, of lost reasons that are dominating the field, this should raise the alarm.  It also throws light into product knowledge like for example a feature  is cited as the most common lost reason, suggesting that your product is more-or-less there, except  for  few key features that are popular among your prospective customers. This is great source of customer or market research and  passing this valuable information on to your engineering or product team will provide the valuable insight they need to alter the product and make it better, according to what customers want.

But there is no telling from which mode  these inquiries will be coming from  and at what rate and the best way to gain control of the situation is to deploy an enquiry management system.  Salesfundaa CRM software can essentially facilitate

* Proper maintenance of enquiries received
* History of enquiries for future reference
* Automated service to ease out performance
*  efficient time saving

How Effective is the Implementation?

Salesfundaa CRM software is a very important service helpful in tracking enquiries for proper planning and setting of business goals. Due to improper follow-up practices many enquiries go unattended.  Salesfundaa CRM software  is efficient and  can be of very good help to such wasted enquiries.  It  is based on a simple formula and a step by step procedure,  (a) Enquiry, (b) Follow-Up,  (c) Closure.

(a) Enquiry

When an enquiry is received the telly caller registers that and makes sure, it is passed on to the Enquiry list so that a sales executive can pick that up and contact the customer.

(b) Follow-Up

The company’s executive assigned to take these enquiries gets back to the clients based on the enquiry asked for. Any number of follow-up’s are recorded to keep track of what has been discussed and what needs to be done next for each particular enquiry. This practise in recording each follow-up is very important for analysing and learn on how the executives approached the customer and what their performance was.

(c) Closure

Depending on the nature of job done the enquiry comes to a closure stage. The executive executes the enquiry as per the company’s norms in order to close the enquiry. The records will show if the enquiry was successful or if the customer declined the offer.  It can be expanded to facilitate sending quotations and quotation management.

Since all this is an automated system there are less hassles. The company has a record of every enquiry in the Salesfundaa CRM software  for reference in future use also. This enables good maintenance of records for the company hence leading to the organization’s impeccable growth.  It helps to lessen the gap between

A Closure and Won Opportunity and Revenue!

It can be further scaled to meet automated  invoicing, sales order, work order , challan generation and  limitless possibilities. 

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Wednesday 04 April 2018