Indian CRM Software

Empower your business with the best CRM software for India as it focuses on the right deals at right time and closes deals faster. Generates revenues and expand business with SalesFundaa CRM Software. Enhance customer relationships by contact database management features.

Multifeatured CRM software for startups as well as an established business

Whether you are a startup business or an established company you need an organized CRM for sales solution so revolutionize customer experience and grow in this competitive market by increasing your profit with feature-rich CRM software for India. Build good relationships and increase sales, push the deals through sales funnel,and move ahead of the competitors by using CRM specially designed for business needs.

SalesFundaa -Perfect CRM Software for Indian companies.

SalesFundaa CRM has unique features designed for Indian small businesses and startups. Every feature is smartly designed to improve your customer relationship for business growth and customer retention. Stay ahead of the competitive market by dealing efficiently with your day-to-day business operations and give your customers several reasons to work with you.

SalesFundaa enable you to-

Manage your contact database by building better customer relations

Analysis of the sales team by monitoring the sales performance

Business reports help in taking major business decisions

Stay on schedule with timely notification

Interact better and build lasting relationships and value customer feedback

Boost business productivity by integrating with applications that you use

Forecast trends, sales, enquiry etc and by data analysis and graphical representation


Quick conversion of sales deal by effective management

Value your deals, be in touch with your customers for better business relationships and close them with effective deal management from SalesFundaa CRM Software. Track the deal and close them in right time and work on the customer feedback for new deals and referral business. Keep a check on deals which will close, and which need your more attention with information-for closure with the help of insights of your deal pipeline.

Sort your business contact with contact management feature

SalesFundaa CRM Software enables to manage all your contacts in one place and avoid confusion. Prioritize contacts and connect by setting reminders and doing a timely follow-up. With the help of the contact history, you can get valuable information about the customer and the status of the deal. Moreover, with SalesFundaa contact management feature, you can do send bulk emails and messages and notify your clients special business offers or promotional offers and save your precious time.

Get information with insightful reports

Consolidate the data and refine them into actionable insights with Sales Fundaa Reports. Find the main revenue sources, business blockers and, measure the effectiveness of your business activities and know-how your team performance with high-end SalesFundaa CRM solution for small business.

Create valuable reports in seconds and use the information for strategy planning and major business decisions. With SalesFundaa, you can even customize your reports to get the exact information as per the business requirement




Automated tasks to avoid repetitive work

Manual tasks are eliminated by the automated tasks as advanced CRM solutions for small businesses. It helps to focus on strengthening business relations and creation more business opportunities by eliminating task such as send bulk SMS and email, setting reminders, scheduling meeting

Increase sales with CRM mobility

SalesFundaa CRM app gives you access to interact with the customers anytime and anywhere. You can view the status of deals, check communication history, update daily task, set reminders and schedule meetings, manages, purchase, sales, inventory, human resource instantly by a single click

User friendly

SalesFundaa CRM is user friendly that is very easy to use with a simple interface. You will learn to use the software as you use it. Naming is with simple words, unlike any complicated hassles. The Sales team can easily use this software as it is hassle-free with no complications

Affordable costing

Software is of the best quality, also affordable with multiple features for a startup as well as an established business.

Sunday 12 July 2020