Quotation Management.

Putting together a timely, accurate, professional quote or proposal is perhaps the single most important part of the sales process.  Quotations  are not only made for products but services as well.  The nature of the contents are therefore different.   Managing these manually is often a difficult process that is poorly controlled and tracked.

These price quotations have some basic information along with required items details and their price so that buyer can easily analyze them. Along with this, expected date and time of shipping, salesperson name and date on which quotation is created is also mentioned in the quotation. After collecting quotations from different sellers, buyer can easily compare them all from every aspect. Normally, a buyer focuses on those areas of quotation which are of their use so that they can easily make a decision. Sometimes, value added service make significant impact upon the decision of buyer so you have to be very careful while finalizing your quotation for the submission.

In  the Salesfundaa quotation management module there are some relatively simple steps you can take to vastly improve the process, improve customer satisfaction, and close more business more quickly.  Salesfundaa CRM is an ideal software to create a quotation. It can  easily generate a quotation lists report and makes  searching for a quotation very easy.  It can allow you to deal with the hassle of editing the quotations as per your final negotiation.

Detailed, well-considered quotes win work. Knowing how to write winning quotes is an important part of growing your business. But getting your quotes right can be a big challenge. You want to win the job with a competitive price but you need to make sure your costs are covered and you make a decent profit.

Quoting well means mastering the art of preparing your quote, presenting your quote and responding to your customer after your quote is accepted.

Developing these quoting skills will help you win work and build your customer base.

Look professional

Always make your quotes look professional by:

  • using your company letterhead
  • opening your quote with a greeting and thanking your customer for the opportunity to quote
  • setting out a clear and logical structure
  • carefully checking your spelling and punctuation. 

Quoting for products

If you're quoting to supply products:

  • check your quantities - ensure you can provide the requested quantity before you quote
  • consider the logistics - check you can order, acquire, store and supply the products within the required time and without incurring prohibitive costs
  • check delivery arrangements - check whether your customer wants the products delivered
  • look for overhead costs - thoroughly scan the job and all logistics to check for costs that may shrink your profit margin.

Quoting for services

If you're quoting to provide services:

  • Keep accurate records - log the time you spend on various tasks; the details will be invaluable when you're quoting and budgeting in the future
  • compare the job - use previous service contracts, or the advice and experiences of peers, as a precedent to cost your proposal
  • be realistic - don't underestimate the amount of time you will spend providing your services, and make sure any flat fees you quote are carefully considered and clearly state the scope of the work
  • identify your additional costs - charge for additional costs (disbursements) that your business will incur in providing services

Quotation software

For enterprise that deal with goods as well as services are employing two  different people to generate quotations.  Salesfundaa software allows to generate quotations for both. It is very simple to use and anybody can make a quotations through the software. It contributes to an upmarket process where your quotations can potray an example of your innovative side through presentation.  Theres more- you can actually view the list of quotations sent on one window which is an important step for analysis. Because  this gives you a closer picture to which deal is nearing a close date.


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Tuesday 10 April 2018