Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) also is considered as “Engine of growth “for India play a key role in the development of the Indian economy. So it is very important to create opportunities for employment and encourage them by promoting economic and social development. 

Even though the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sector contributes to the amount of India’s GDP, traditional inefficient methods of operating business have affected the growth of the smaller business. According to recent research majority of SMEs are not connected to the internet. Digitization of SMEs will expand their contribution to India’s GDP. Information technology has a significant impact on the operations of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) it is essential for the survival and growth of economies as IT poses a remarkable change in the industry.

Clearly, SMEs in India are yet to attain their full potential and get to the next level of business growth. The only obstacle is technology adoption, and this is where tech companies are coming up and making technologies available for SMEs to attain success and growth. The digitization wave which started with digital payments extended to GST software by the use of world-class cloud based technologies and connectivity services. Tech companies have realized the opportunity in SME segment so they are actively helping Indian SMEs to adopt newer technologies like cloud, process automation, enterprise process like accounting management, inventory management, Sales monitoring and Growth, Project management, Manufacturing software, Task Management, HR software, customer service, etc and thereby creating technology innovation. SMEs who are Digitally-empowered have witnessed twice the revenue growth projections as compared to traditional SME. This is an area of large opportunity for tech companies, where they can profit tremendously by helping SMEs grow through technology innovation.

It is also helping small businesses connect with manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, and buyers to generate revenue from unlimited online business opportunities I e online buyers. 


Here are some important aspects of SME Growth and productivity by using CRM software.

Latest technology:

Latest technology helps to manage the heavy workload in a fast and efficient manner by storing of the data and handling of applications The latest technologies like Whatapps group helps to for group chatting with team members, whereas Skype allows free calling anywhere in the world, thus you can stay connected with the Zoom for video conferencing, conducting online meetings, CRM for business solutions, etc

Mobile Connectivity

The tremendous use of Web-based technologies and Smartphone’s by users in every part of the country has contributed growth and expansion in the Indian economy as Entrepreneurs are able to explore the lucrative markets without any constraint of geographical limitations. Mobile applications are user friendly and accessible anywhere.

Lead Management

Small and medium businesses constantly thrive for business expansion by searching for newer business opportunities and use CRM software for getting customer leads. Entrepreneurs are able to manage these leads and their customers effectively by using CRM solutions as they are cost effective and mobile friendly. They are able to stay connected with the customers anytime and anywhere across the entire world.

Client Service:

Every customer is very important for an SME. After all, proper after sales service and better business relations helps in customer retention and to acquire new customers by referrals. Expert after Sales and support lead to goodwill and growth of business. CRM software manages after sales by the service module.

Security and Customer Data Protection

Cloud software deploys services regarding security measures to the datacenter who are responsible for maintaining the server, hardware and software ,data backup ,storage, disaster management also provide support upgrades. Small companies with limited finances cannot afford this the maintenance cost so your data is safe and secure with pay and use models.

HR technology is also crucial for growth of SMEs in India so using HR software helps to monitor and track new job applications, create payrolls for existing as well as for new employees, create vacancies within the company, generate offer and Resignation letter within a second by a single click.

Simple Recruitment process

The success of company depends upon the recruitment of proper personnel with skills and talent as they are an asset to the company and similarly, if not. Finding the right talent for the right role and responsibility is challenging. HR software automates recruitment process like new job applications, create payrolls for existing as well as for new employees, maintaining job seekers list, create vacancies within the company, perform background checks of potential job applicants to apply online, etc. 


Monitoring employee productivity 

HR software is also useful in analyzing the performance of the employee and rating productivity. For the success of an organization, every employee must give productive contribution to the needs of the organization. HR software also gives the facility of reviewing and appraising employees.


Tracking employee referral 

Recruiting through referrals is highly welcomed. In general, people who come through referrals have more chances of doing well in the organization as they are through reference. HR software easily tracks and manages referrals.


Access to manage employee’s attendance and data 

Managing employee attendance that is leaves records, absences through the HR software is simple and easy. The simpler way of using this software to manage employee’s attendance is to create access on the site by creating employee id and password and updated through the attendance by login in the system and give approvals from the seniors.

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Friday 03 July 2020