Sales Monitoring System means electronically monitoring on how much sales a company is making, and how much profit is being earning.It is the process of continuously gathering customer data and is a tool that empowers salesperson to update reports daily and easily, even on field.

It is specially prepared for those employees who are responsible for sales of the organization.Building a sales monitoring system is the best decision every company is looking for as it helps us to improve their sales performance, and we can do analysis so as to allocate the efforts to make the right changes in the sales performance, to find best business opportunities, find and replace dropouts in sales funnel and proper follow-up.

Sales Monitoring tool is one of the fastest, most effective and reliable ways of sending daily, weekly and monthly business reports which helps marketing and sales professional to send daily and monthly reports.It also eases customer management, maintaining records and follow ups. The sales monitoring system tracks leads as they move through the sales pipeline and reminds sales manager to do follow-up with the prospect. This process involves lead generation, lead and scoring, sales forecast, stages of the sales pipeline, and constant follow-up.

Sales monitoring system helps in streamlining business operations, managing data, analyzing data, follow ups, customer retention better decision, visual sales process, automated sales task, remote selling abilities,

Features like Customer communication History, Customer contact information, Key Customers, Leads, Inquiries, Quotations,  Payments follow up, sales forecast, sales pipeline, managing task, dashboard , sales order, Invoicing, employee performance, sales growth comparison, expenses, various sales reports for analysis, email alerts & notifications enhance its utility for better sales performance.

Our SalesFundaa CRM Mobile App helps you access to software anytime and anywhere for business decision support.

We have also successfully developed and launched business websites also have developed some software packages for sale for our customers.We aim to continue our expansion activities for software development with professional approach and offer software solutions to companies so as to improve their overall productivity.


Sales Monitoring Features

User-friendly Features

Dashboard on Homepage with important feature

Shows sales overview what to do, Enquiry status, Reminders, invoice overview,Enquiry status,

Enquiry status enquiry by count, value and branch, Enquiry lost reason

Leads Overview and lead by employee

Project task and status

Quotation by count and value

Upload Documents & Download Documents for quick use

Sending emails, quotations to customers with attachments.

Meeting and comment report in graphical interface

Employee Attendance, Leaves & Holidays register & Employee Target Report

Upcoming payment

Employee can request for leaves & facility for approval online.

Products List

Generate product list

Customers Details

Maintain client data by regular updating

Add Customer List – by importing file or by adding manually.

Maintaining Customer History.

Enquiries & Quotations

Add Leads and display them.

Add New Enquiries manually product and service enquiries

Add Enquiries & Quotations and generating reports

Enquiry list  and Enquiry review by count and amount

Sales Forecasting

Generating Quotation(product and service) and sending PDF to clients


Show updates of pending enquiries/quotations from field reports.


Updating call details by telesales department


Add Invoices

Generate credit note list

Generate Proforma Invoice

Generate Invoice

Employee Master

Managing Employee details.

Managing employee Attendance

Employee Location Tracking.

Sales Reports

Create daily report and send online instantly.

Show reports Employee wise, customer–person wise, & customer wise.

Reports of Enquiry/Quotation/Payments follow up.

Consolidated Report


Maintaining accounts

Employee expenses & for approval by the admin

Show Employee-wise Expense Statements.


Add pending payments list manually.

Show updates on pending payments from field sales reports.

Performance Monitoring

Incentive Scheme for Employees for boosting morale of employee

Evaluate Employee performance for appraisals

Friday 03 July 2020