Salesfundaa ERP for Sales and Service is an online application to manage your entire process of Sales and Service functions from any location. Since it is based on cloud, you don't have to invest in any hardware. It is easily adaptable to any business in the Sales & Service industry.

Salesfundaa ERP for Sales and Service is a dynamic software that allows you to  keep track of Product Inventory, Sales Enquiries, Sales Follow-ups, Sales Quotations, Quotation Approvals, Stores Request and Sales Invoice for Multiple Branches.   You can manage Service Contracts, Contract Quotations, Complaints, Follow-ups and Service Estimations. Get reminded for AMC Follow-ups for Multiple Branches.  Its unique features are;


It has GST compliance  to facilitate ease of invoicing.

It can be integrated with Tally to rid you of double entries.

It saves time by automating tasks and minimizing non-productive works and thereby saves you time and money.

Being on the cloud ensures you get 100% security for your data.

It has mobility to facililtate access from anywhere.

It is compatible with the Android mobiles.

Its  user  friendly interface allows easy operations by not so tech savvy users.

Its scalable and can be made more productive by adding different modules as the business grows and requires further automated processes.

Competitive pricing to ensure affordability.


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Friday 30 March 2018