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Increased profit margins and lower security risks for SMEs that turn to the cloud.

Is it time for you to switch?

2018 prediction lists are coming in and when it comes to the economy, pundits and economists seem to be feeling more positive. Manufacturing is predicted to have positive growth this year.

What kind of Innovative Trends Manufacturers Need to Watch in 2018?


When it comes to predictions for 2018, five of the top tech trends to watch that are sure to change the manufacturing landscape are Personalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Predictive Analysis (PA), and Cybersecurity. 


·        Personalization

Personalization is sure to be a top tech trend this year. The ability to customize and personalize a product or service has helped manufacturers to differentiate, win and retain customers.

·        Artificial Intelligence- AI

With its promise to stay ahead of the competitive curve, manufacturing is already infusing AI into their products in numerous ways both to the manufacturers’ and the customer’s benefit.

·       The Internet of Things, IoT

 Real gains in efficiency with IoT are now making manufacturing news because, like AI, IoT helps to transform manufacturing operations by infusing IoT to solve problems or challenges in the manufacturing process.


·       Predictive Analytics – PA

Manufacturers need to make and market the right products to the right customers at the right time. To do this, they need to find those right customers. Predictive analytics helps by producing the best customer lead, which is vital to a products’ sale.  PA helps a manufacturer construct a good lead that might start from a personal or company profile on a SalesFundaa CRM dashboard to an accurate prediction of a possible buyer using a formula brought about by PA methodology

·        Cybersecurity

One of the main reasons hackers are successful in the manufacturing silo is that they enter through a door of corruption and/or carelessness left open by employees. In the past, manufacturing technology was traditionally devoted to performance and safety, not security. Manufacturers can address cyber security in SalesFundaa ERP cloud solution that will prevent problems by using a layered data protection program that works to secure data sharing.



The SalesFundaa ERP Cloud Revolution- A Leverage.


Reasons for switching to Salesfundaa ERP on cloud


v Mobile Accessibility

On-premise systems are tied to their building and servers. You have to be connected to your on-premise set-up to have access to the information stored there. This makes things complicated if you need to work remotely, log in leads on a sales trip, or keep up to date while off-site with customers.

On the other hand, SalesFundaa ERP is hosted in a Cloud system, your information is stored digitally via the Internet. This allows businesses to access their company’s information from anywhere there is an Internet connection. This can be done on multiple devices across multiple platforms – opening up a whole new world of efficiency and productivity.


v Minimal IT costs

Many of the on-premise ERP systems that companies are still utilizing are decades old and missing many of the key features and functionality available on the Cloud platform. They are not only technologically behind but also cause companies to spend 75% valuable resources  on IT operations, hardware, and software maintenance.  Mindset and resistance to change are some obstacles posed for Salesfundaa  ERP .on the cloud.


v Data Security

But what about the security of that data?

security was actually the main  reason small businesses wanted to implement cloud software in the first place.  This can be seen as the response many cloud providers have offered in the face of so many security concerns. By introducing new  security trends, features and capabilities, Salesfundaa ERP providers have made the cloud a lot more appealing, particularly to small businesses. Other main reasons smaller companies have adopted the cloud include lower IT costs, low maintenance requirements and the chance for greater productivity.

v Ease of Migration

At Salesfundaa ERP you can get a company situated in the cloud with almost no downtime.  This is because most of the work is done online, and large scale overhaul isn”t necessary to migrate.  From the time a company decides to migrate to the cloud to the moment they live, the switch can take as little as four weeks.  As a company grows, scalability of the cloud service becomes a strategic advantage as you  configure your cloud setup to meet ever changing demands, priorities and resources.  These are just a handful of reasons why small and medium sized businesses migrate operations to the cloud.  The cloud is affordable,  it is scalable, it creates a better end user experience and the cloud makes every company an innovative one.

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Friday 16 March 2018