The importance of ERP for SMEs

What is ERP?

ERP means  Enterprise Resource Planning.   It covers  various essential processes for running a business. ERP is a modular software system which includes invoicing, payment management, inventory, purchase module, accounting, human resources, etc.

All these different processes are gathered under a unified system that can be shared and be managed through a centralised database and streamline your business operations.

Benefits of Implementing an  ERP

The uncompassed dynamism of Salesfundaa ERP makes it an indispensable tool for all SME.  Here are some of the most important benefits:

·         Integrated Information

Through a Salesfundaa ERP you can share data between functional departments of the enterprise. Since all information is on a common platform this reduces the repeated effort of individually making records for every department manually as this data input in any department can be shared by all.  Thus all functions acting upon the data can be tracked and never overlooked. This  expedites workflow and completion of process.

·         Streamlined Processes

Elements of a business are often not under one roof or outsourced.  Monitoring these processes of work is often challenging and  through a salesfundaa ERP you can actually streamline workflow and for smooth operation.  It provides a unified platform to analyse statistics in real time, across all Departments. This is crucial for senior management as through a common platform it can get hold of insights on the enterprise and anticipate and be prepared to face and resolve  critical advents well in  advance.

·         Customer Service

Salesfundaa ERP can be deployed for  sales orders processing, customer relationship management, physical distribution of goods, billing and invoicing.  In order to implement an effective customer service you need to have a complete view of client details from prospect to sales and from support to accounting and finance.  Salesfundaa  ERP facilitates the tracking of activities, communication history, personal information, orders, invoices and much more.

 This expedites the process of  customer handling and customer satisfaction.

·         Cost Savings

Salesfundaa ERP can increase  productivity to  better managing the workflow process. Operations related to inventory, products/supplies and customer service are interconnected.  Salesfundaa  ERP is the solution that provides visibility through a streamlined workflow and this assists in increasing efficiency and helps to minimize  the erruptions of hidden costs that may occur due to interrupted workflow.

·         Reporting

Salesfundaa ERP has MIS reporting that equips decision makers with  better business intelligence.  These reports give  managers and employees a graphical representatation of their work fields for analysis.  This ensures increased  productivity and reduced delays.

Reports are often offered through a simple dashboard with data visualization of the organization’s key performance indicators  and other metrics. For example, invoice reports, stock report or stock report by warehouse, summary profit report, detailed profit report and many other custom reports according to client’s needs.

What to expect in the Features of Salesfundaa ERP


Customization Capabilities

No two enterprise are the same.   Despite being from one nature of industry  work processes still differ due to many factors.  Salesfundaa ERP is flexible and can be easily customised  There are three main points for customizations that Salesfudaa ERP can scale upto

·         Flexible

Salesfundaa  ERP  solution is  flexibile, and has the capability to adapt and upgrade quickly.

·         Scalable

As your business grows, so does your customer database and your system must be able to handle the increasing customer information.  Salesfundaa ERP is a crucial software that has the  capability to handle an increasing amount of work and has  the ability to accommodate your growth.

·         Ease of integration

It is almost impossible to find an ERP solution that offers all features, required by a customer or business.  Easy integrations are the near about solution to meet this inadequacy.  Salesfundaa ERP facilitates  the process of integrating separate systems with each other and communicates well  with 3rd party solutions and applications. The result is a unique solution that allows you to deliver real-time information in your enterprise.

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Thursday 19 April 2018