There is more to your Salesfundaa CRM software

1. Social Media Marketing:

Today it is difficult for any business to grow without social media presence.  Social media is very effective in customer servicing also. Customers who experience quick and effective response via social media are likely to recommend the brand to others.  Good exposure in social media helps to reduce service cost and improve customer engagement and helps business to reach out to more potential customers. Salesfundaa CRM software can be integrated  with social media that can  help business to run and track social media campaign, measure its effectiveness, increase sales, resolve customer queries and many more.

2. Increase Customer Loyalty:

Acquiring a new customer is dearer  than retaining an existing customer.

Existing  customers are more likely to buy products from you than a new customer. Moreover, they spread positive words about your brand. Satisfied customers help to generate more leads and increase sales.  Salesfundaa CRM software  helps an organization to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Customized priority query management

Customers’ queries should be resolved ASAP.  

Very first step is to set proper escalation matrix.   That means to resolve queries as per priorities like high and low.  It helps to respond to customers’ queries on time, increase sales, run campaigns within budget.  Salesfundaa CRM software  is the best place where you can prioritise your query  and integrate with customer details.

4. Task Management:

Another importance of Salesfundaa CRM software,  it is not only for customer management but also employee management.

The automated task management process in Salesfundaa CRM software  enables to assign and complete tasks within time and budget.  It can create and assign tasks among employees based on their skill set, availability, geography etc.

Business can set their own rules in the Salesfundaa CRM software to manage tasks efficiently.

Not only that, Salesfundaa CRM software maintains employee hierarchy and control data visibility also.  

5. Customer Communication:

The Salesfundaa CRM software can automate customer communications. It is a very important  feature when you need to nurture your relations with existing customers.  It allows you to send a welcome kit to customers once they join with your business.  Or an email when their queries are resolved. Or a wish on a birthday. Even a letter when a new product is launched.  The software allows you to specify your own rules to automate customer communications. This not only ensures reduced human errors but boost the customer relationship which has been  a proven promising factor for retention.

6. Optimum Utilization Of Communication Channels:

Communication Channels play a very important role in every dept – sales, marketing or service.   You must capture preferred communication channels of your customers.  By automating the process in Salesfundaa CRM software  you can reach your customers with their preferred channels only.   This will definitely increase lead to customer conversion ratio, sales and profit as well as customer loyalty.

7. Team Collaboration:

Salesfundaa CRM software has a  unified process for  various departments (like Sales, Marketing, Service, Management) of an organization.   The purpose of collaboration is to enhance the quality of service and customer satisfaction.  Effective team collaboration brings more leads and increases sales. For example, Data from one  unit can help another department to run more effective campaigns or source a sales department to up-sell or cross sell products.


8. Better Data Protection:

Data protection is the highest priority in any business.

In Salesfundaa CRM software, users can see customer data according to their roles and responsibilities. It helps business to safeguard important customer information from data abuse.

9. Better Traceability:

A Salesfundaa CRM software enables you to   analyze data, generate reports and measure campaign effectiveness. Even it can tell when a customer tends to leave your business.  Traceability and transparency are two promising features of the software. It is an ideal software and an answer to all your queries like …….

Was your last marketing campaign effective enough?

Which channels gave you maximum sale in last campaign?

How your company performed during last 5 years?

How many customers did you lose last quarter?

And most importantly …...

Are your customers satisfied to do business with you?

It helps  better decision making based on historical data analysis.

10. Cost Effectiveness:

Business process automation in Salesfundaa CRM software is a saviour of time, manual activities and other resources.

It has  destroyed the myth that the CRM is a costly software and a privilege for only  big companies. In fact its easy to use interface and the most cost effective way to run business has established a niche in every SME and has become an  indispensable tool for enterprise of varied nature and size.

11. Mobile Compatibility:

The Salesfundaa CRM software comes with compatible Mobile CRM that enables business not to lose a single selling opportunity, even when you are not in office. It helps employees to access customer data even when they are on the go via  smart phones or tablets at any time.

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Thursday 07 June 2018