Things to keep in mind while reopening offices after the Lockdown


The beginning of the Unlock means slowly moving towards a removal of the lockdown for some sectors or some parts of the economy as the government as it has no other option than to focus on the lives of people and improvement in the economy for livelihood. Our economies will slowly be opening which means people will resume offices and start work. But offices after lockdown will not be the same as earlier because everyone needs to maintain social distance. Companies must care about the health of their employees and monitor the temperature daily. Wearing masks, washing hands frequently hand wash or sanitizing hands, and maintaining a 6 feet distance will be mandatory for all. This article discusses the important things to take care of by everyone after the reopening of office after lockdown as it is the biggest challenge to start business operations.

Companies should ensure transportation for their workers.

Companies must focus on providing transportation because traveling in local transport poses a health risk employee due COVID 19 and this ensures the safety of the employee. At the offices there testing at the entrance and exit points like temperature checking by thermal guns and oxygen checking by the oximeter. The vehicles should be sanitized and the drivers must be tested before they picked up the employee.


Implement the ‘Reminder policy

Obviously, office reopening after the lockdown will not be the same as before as COVID 19 is a global pandemic and there is no medicine yet found a cure for the same. So, you have to take care of yourself and take precautionary measures against the disease by wearing protective masks and washing your hands, but you also need to ensure that everyone else does the same. If you find someone not following the rule or forgot just reminding them by to wear a mask or to wash hands or not to touch the face and thank wherever required.

Conduct a COVID-19 session

Reopening after lockdown means undertaking certain measures from your end. Employees will be having many questions in their minds.

•           Seniors must conduct a half a session with their respective teams and explain     about the Dos and Don’ts.

•           Share stories of friends and families who have been affected by the disease and            their survival story, so that they will follow social distancing norms, develop a    habit of washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining a 6 feet distance from          others

•           Ensure to drink hot water at regular intervals and conduct yoga session for 10 minutes of activity to be stress-free during this pandemic

•           Ensure that there is six feet distance between everyone, it should not be crowded

           at all and social distancing norms to be followed


Effective performance management score

Reopening the offices after lockdown calls for monitoring the team's performance by measuring the score of the team on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis. You should note how well the social distancing norms have been followed in the office.

Reopening after lockdown will not at all same as the pre-lockdown era. At SalesFundaa Software, you will feel at home with our CRM software as it is very simple and user friendly.

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Monday 13 July 2020