CRM can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. However, all of that complexity isn’t always a good thing;   As long as the complexity is a functional complexity that serves your purpose or you can any day opt for a simple CRM that is easier to use.   Here are some core features of Salesfundaa CRM software  that every organization needs:

1. Business Process Automation:

This is one of the most important benefits of Salesfundaa CRM software.  It is more time saving when you can capture customer feedback automatically.  It expedites the decision making when the software suggests the next best thing to do based on customer complaints  or suggestion.

Salesfundaa CRM software  helps an organization to streamline business processes. It gives business process a  standardized format and automating sales, marketing and service processes helps to reduce human error.

The automation can take care of sending emails, letters and customized gifts to your customers without fail.  

It increases productivity, speeds up business processes and improves customer satisfaction.

2. Better Lead To Customer Conversion Ratio:

The reason behind most leads never converting to sales is lack of lead nurturing.  Deploying a Salesfundaa CRM software gives the right platform  to nurture leads in order to convert to sales as it facilitates all steps from lead to sales and increases the ratio of conversion. It tracks all customer interactions effectively.

3. Personalized Product Configuration:

Industry is different and therefore the requirements or features of a CRM may be different.  

You can customise the software  as per customers business requirement.  So a Salesfundaa CRM software  is a useful tool for all  industry types. Using ,Salesfundaa CRM software  business can define various rules like product compatibility & eligibility, validation, up & cross selling  as it considers other factors like zone, country, industry, age group etc.

4. Shorter Sales Cycle:

Salesfundaa CRM software Sales process automation essentially helps salespersons to track and communicate with all leads. It helps to complete the sales process quickly and efficiently  as complete case history of the lead can be viewed and juggling between these views can be fetched at the click of button as opposed to spreadsheets that require complex methods to view the details.   This facilitates shorter spans in the sales cycle and faster conversion rates.

5. Customer Segregation:

Segregation is on the basis of  age, gender, buying pattern, geography.  This helps business to reach more targeted customers and increase sales.  Salesfundaa CRM software  can help you a lot here.  It captures and analyzes customer data, coming from various sources it then segregates customers into groups as per business requirements. This is very useful for organizations to develop new product, set product price, run campaigns  and decide service methods.

6. Campaign Management:

Marketing campaigns are primary steps to  reach potential customers with your products.

They naturally should be  flawless. Customer segregation and campaign management are almost correlated. Customer segregation can help to identify your target group and campaign management helps to analyze data and run campaigns. Salesfundaa CRM software  leverages the automated  process in achieving efficiency of marketing campaign.  

Salesfundaa CRM software reduces the campaign cost, analyzes campaign data and forecasts future marketing strategy.  A well defined marketing strategy with Salesfundaa CRM software  helps business to get more qualified leads than traditional campaigns.

7. Customer Service Improvement:

Good customer service is an important aspect in customer relationship and retention.

A Salesfundaa CRM software can automate customer service processes.  It helps to deal with customers’ complaints or suggestions more effectively and quickly.

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Thursday 07 June 2018