You are running a business. As a successful business owner have you have thought about the fact that what is your most asset of your business.


Every business owner has the answer for it but caries depending on the industry and nature of business. Hotel owners and shop owners will find location important and IT business owners find their products and partnership important, whereas owners of consulting business feel brain important, Entertainment industry feel concept and presentation important, and Entertainers feel talent and beauty important and this goes as per the industry requirements.

Some emphasize on trademarks and brands. A great management team dedicated, and loyal staff and sales starts are also listed as the answer but common for all business is “Everyone is focusing on getting more customers”. That’s because customer is considered as God in every business as they increase revenues. We can pay our dues; salaries further survival becomes easy. So, it is important for all of us to overview them, if we make them feel neglected, or no interactions with them, no business relations developed, no proper customer service offered, or customers queries not handled properly.


Maintaining proper an accurate overview of your customers

Many companies are still following traditional methods of business by using spreadsheets for storing their customer data, that’s because many of them are still not aware that we can lose data on spreadsheets, there is limited storage so after certain storage there is load on file that why it is unable to open, since there is security issue any one can access it causing data theft by falling in inappropriate hands.

Normally traditional business cards are important source of collecting and storing customer data. But there is possibility of customer data loss by theft. The value of customer data increases when everyone works together as a team to populate it.

Here comes the value of CRM system in your business, as they help to build better customer relationships and manage contact databases by lead nurturing strategies. 


The value of CRM software for business

Reasons why the CRM software is need of the hour and a valuable investment. As well as asset to you company.

1.    It helps to manage your leads and contact database

Lead is just a name of the party not sure whether it may be prospect. You absolutely have no idea when they will buy product from you. But if we built a better relationship with them they are warm prospects.

Organizing your customers and contacts will help you in expansion and growth of the business. CRM software implement strategy to fulfill business needs by categorizing and making your data efficient.

CRM software categories your contact databases by prospects, lost customer,

Suppliers, Partners, Potential customers etc. Managing your customers through CRM software stores customer data for future purpose with utmost data security.


The contact management feature in CRM software enables us to maintain better and cordial business relation by wishing them on their birthdays by auto birthday feature and sending special offers by email and SMS campaign. We can also provide special customers promo codes for business growth.

2.   Tracking of customer interaction is simple in single CRM software.

Traditionally we were interacting with the clients through telephone and updating records manually so there were chances of data loss. But today when we talk to a customer or prospect, we have an exact idea with whom we are interacting as their details are recorded in the software.  By sending timely business messages and responding promptly for solving client queries will make them feel special and  builds a long-term relationship.

3.   CRM software helps in forecasting

Normally in traditional business system, we have manually calculated how many prospects we have lost, but loads of work and change in employee tends to forget the tracking of lost enquiries but CRM keeps track of the customer lost along with the reason for the same whether the product is costly, or customer not happy with the service or product defective. This has multiple benefit if the product is defective we can work for improvement of the product, work on the cost, offer some discounts, special offers or promo codes or impart proper training of customer service for client retention. Moreover, once you enter details in the software it gives better insights of business intelligent reports. We get forecasting reports of the company, wherein we get idea how much revenue we are going to earn in future also performance review of team member is possible for appraisal.


4.   It enables to view sales funnel.

In traditional business method stock piling was done by the employees and as the employees changed jobs manager was there to realize that the employee has not maintained records properly the sales pipeline wasn’t up to date. But through CRM software’s all your tasks are automated and we are in better position to view the sales pipeline for better business decisions.

Thus CRM systems boon to every business as it focuses on the customer. Companies Companies that invest in CRM are valuing their customer with better long term relations for business expansion and growth that it is the fastest way to increase sales and profits.

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Tuesday 20 October 2020