Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP software)is a user-friendly managed tool that is important for large scale as well as startup and SMEs. Cloud based ERP helps in scaling business as per consumer requirements and it will be very appealing to the consumers and useful for the smooth running of business operation. You can customize your ERP which will benefit in reducing operational cost and makes turnaround time faster and it keeps different department in sync with each other and provides better efficiency among departments.

Benefits of ERP Systems for SMEs:

•           Synchronization among departments

Nowadays, it is utmost important for departments and locations of industries like retail and eCommerce to be in synchronization among them. There are multiple warehouses, and outlets, and so co-ordination among them is very important. An ERP software lets you bring all the data from all locations together and let you connect to everyone on a single platform. ERP acts like an end to end business function for an organization. If you deploy an ERP system in your organization then you will be able to keep track of your sales orders, you can make purchase orders, and monitor the flow of inventory in your multiple warehouses through a single software.

•           ERP helps for Faster Turnaround Time

Once you have implemented ERP software for your organization then improves your work efficiency, which is needed for expansion and growth of an organization. ERP helps you for coordination in the sales, marketing, and customer service teams with all business data very effortlessly and timely. Also, you can download business intelligent reports with single click that is fraction of seconds. These reports help you to take major business decisions, do performance review etc. Everyone can take immediate action and increase the turnaround time based on the ERP system. ERP software has built-in automation which helps in doing a lot of work without any user interface and increases the time for the team to serve the customer properly.


•           ERP software acts as single solution

You will get a single solution for all your core business needs by implementing an integrated ERP solution. ERP will help to manage the organization’s details of the number of operations like inventory, manufacturing, financial data, human resources. Such type of data syncing and flow in ERP will encourage you to build unity towards teamwork. Whenever any team member enters data into ERP then it will be accessible by those members. You can delegate access of sales representatives to any of the members so that they can view and use that data in the absence of sales representative.  To make ERP success, there should always be a unity of teamwork.


•           ERP Software enables in controlling operating & Operational Cost

Generally, an organization has several systems to take care of its various operations. Your organization may have a different system for accounting and for tracking inventory. There are more chances of duplicate data while operating different systems for accounting and inventory even though they streamline the processes. Once you deploy the efficient ERP Solution, all your data will get synchronized which will help organizations to find out the leakages that are happening in the data and so that it will be easier to fix the operations that are causing the company money and time wastage.

You will observe lack of proper planning for procurement and production of the materials Without ERP. In any organization ERP system let them concentrate on business processes which will help them grow by taking control over operating and operational costs which helps them to grow in business.


 Cloud ERP solution makes it easy for organizations to take prior decision with the instant available data.  With the help of an ERP solution organization will get idea about insight situation such as shortage of fund, inventory, and their deliverables. You can use cloud ERP on any device, anytime and anywhere as per your convenience either through mobile app or through laptop or desktop. You can ready presentations to the clients by the online data and business intelligent reports. You can keep yourself always updated about your inventory level in front of the client and update all the communication from your device so that you do not miss out on any pointer for follow-ups. You get the option to set up notes, communications and trackers so that the team will follow up to client efficiently even if you are out of your business location.

You will feel at home with the SalesFundaa ERP software as its acts as single point for contacts for all your business solutions of sales, purchase, inventory, human resource etc.

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Saturday 03 October 2020